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The company Corilverde Ssa, successor of the historic F.lli Molino farm of Molino Flavio, inherits from him its centuries-old love for the land with the cultivation and production of excellence in the Alba hills of the Mission.

Tradition and innovation come together in these fields that, first orchard and then vineyard, see today the production of hazelnuts rich in history, in which one can almost perceive the fragrance of the fruit and the inebriating taste of the wine.

Thanks to the quality of the IGP certified fruit and the luxuriance of the plants, the company has embarked on a dream: to take care not only of production but also of the transformation of products. Upon reservation it is possible to visit the hazel groves and the processing factory.

Hazelnut creams

Starting from the “old grandmother’s recipes“, which have always brightened the autumn afternoons, the members of the Corilverde (including the same Flavio Molino) have given life to the creams, which after various attempts have reached the desired taste.

Madernocciola, Fondente, Gianduja and Bianca are for now the possible choices, different for ingredients and sweetness to satisfy every taste.


All the creams of the company are made with local ingredients and in full respect of tradition, to enclose in a jar the genuineness of the past.


The company’s latest creation: it is an original compote that combines the goodness of the Madernassa variety pears with the deliciousness of hazelnuts.

Healthy and nutritious ingredients make it excellent for breakfast, for the preparation of desserts and ice creams and superb with cheeses.

You will be amazed by the freshness of the taste and the intensity of the aromas.


For lovers of intense flavors the right choice is this hazelnut cream combined with a high percentage of cocoa, with pure and uncompromised ingredients, to enhance the properties of the raw materials used.

Exceptional at the end of the meal, to try with a glass of brandy.


For the Piedmontese tradition this cream could not be missing, obtained by the right mixing of hazelnuts and cocoa to create a tasty and fragrant product, excellent at any time of the day.

Simple, natural, healthy ingredients.


From the hazelnuts grown on the Alba hills, this cream is born that enhances the intense aroma of the fruit while maintaining the sweetness and delicacy on the palate.

Pleasant to savor on bread or combined with other baked products, or simply to spoon to indulge in a little cuddle.

The ingredients are few, healthy and all highly selected.

Semi-finished products

The company is also involved in the production of semi-finished products: hazelnut flour, hazelnut kernels and roasted whole hazelnuts.


On the hills of Alba, the company personally follows all stages of cultivation.


The creation of the hazelnut fields is perhaps the most delicate phase. Care, constant attention and love towards the earth help the technique and the experience.


The company’s philosophy is respect for nature. For this reason they use only natural and controlled amendments.


Pruning helps the plant to strengthen itself, to rejuvenate, to be struck by the rays of the sun, for an even more unique and excellent fruit.


They limit treatments as far as possible. They avail themselves of the collaboration of qualified technicians for constant phytopathological surveillance.


The harvest takes place several times starting from the middle of August to allow the hazelnut to reach the right degree of ripeness. The company transforms only hazelnuts from their hazel groves.

The best hazelnut in the world

The Alba hazelnut is the best, with unparalleled characteristics.... Its thin, hard shell, its round shape, its shelf life, the ease with which it can be peeled, and the intense aroma released after roasting make it an irreplaceable ingredient in pastries.

Le nocciole di Alba

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