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Risorseria Wine Atelier is the sales point and tasting room of Mauro Marengo’s winery, a small space where you can discover all the wines by the producer.

It is located in the historic center of the town of Novello, a destination and transit point for all the main itineraries to discover the great vines of Langhe, home to historic wineries and prestigious producers but also to small wineries with young producers facing the future of the local wine tradition.

Risorseria was created to be the space in which the Marengo family presents itself to the public through the divulgation of its philosophy towards wine and the territory.

Territory and tradition

The strong link with the territory and with tradition is the pillar of what the family has been believing in for three generations: respect for the peasant roots, attention to the enhancement of every smallest resource, plus the desire to improve every day.

A continuous search, in the wake of tradition, for reasoned innovation aimed at creating simple, elegant and democratic wines that are able, at the same time, to reflect the great hospitality and attention to quality that the Langhe offer to its visitors.

Inside the space you’ll see objects, books, furnishing accessories and works of art that want to involve the visitor in that small and welcoming family environment that brings with it all its values ​​and peculiarities.

A story that
begins in 1950

in Novello

Today the winery is managed by the third generation of the Marengo family

Grandfather Francesco began his business in the 1950s.

After years of hard work and acquired experience in vineyard management and winery management, the baton passes to Mauro, Francesco's son.

Since 2014 Gabriella has joined the family business, Mauro's eldest daughter who, thanks to her studies, previous work experience (Gabriella is a management engineer), the great passion for wine and the territory, brings many innovations within the farm.

Thanks to her, new experiments concerning the working method in the cellar arrive. She also initiates the process that leads to the positioning of the company on the local and foreign market and, above all, introduces the drive and enthusiasm necessary to kick-start the new generation with the support of the brothers Elisa and Daniele.

Elisa, after her studies between Genoa and Paris and the consequent degree in graphic art, immediately changes the corporate image, enhancing the brand and the labels for the new line of bottles, which will quickly become a distinctive trait.

All the labels of the wines produced contain an intimate and spontaneous narration at the same time, indicating to the consumer a key to reading the product through the representation of natural or ethno-anthropological elements that belong to the history of the family or to the peculiarities of the Langa area.

The third son Daniele, on the other hand, after graduating with honors in viticulture and enology at the University of Turin, puts his studies to good use by supporting his father Mauro in all the processes of winemaking, planning and management of the vineyards, introducing and experimenting processing methods with the introduction of new technical precautions aimed at constantly improving the quality of the produced wines.

The Wines

The crus of the Marengo family: 6, of which 2 are vinified in Barolo

The history of the Mauro Marengo winery has its roots in the winemaking tradition: grandfather Francesco has been cultivating Nebbiolo grapes since the 1950s and, producing quality wine in small quantities, makes the first experiments in Barolo winemaking as early as the 1970s.

The work of the Marengo family, in those years, mainly focused on the production of grapes which were partly given to Barolo producers and partly vinified for a local market.

Over the years, the farm came to manage 14 hectares planted with Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nascetta.

For years Mauro Marengo has been making two Crus in Barolo: Terlo (municipality of Barolo) and Ravera (municipality of Novello). Other crus in which the family owns vineyards are La Volta, Ciocchini-Loschetto, Corini-Pallaretta and Tarditi.

Produced Wines

Nas-cëtta del comune di Novello
Dolcetto d’Alba
Barbera d’Alba Superiore
Langhe Nebbiolo
Barolo “Angela”
Barolo Ravera
Falun (vino rosso)

Vineyards Extension

14 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Novello e Barolo

Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

A place with a homely atmosphere, capable of catapulting visitors into the Langa culture

At Risorseria you can have guided tastings, buy wine or you can simply enjoy a glass of Barolo while playing the piano, but also enjoy a fresh aperitif with a glass of Nas-cëtta and a selection of local cheeses and cold cuts.

Sitting at the old restored tables of Risorseria, guests feel like they are in a small living room or kitchen of the old Langa houses.

Observing the artworks by Elisa you will discover how, with the resources that the land of Langa offers us, you can create many beautiful things that revolve around the world of wine and, by consulting a book of ancient Piedmontese recipes, the desire to dine in one of the amazing restaurants in the area will grow.


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Starting at 10€