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When we talk about breadsticks, we are talking about a noble product, whose origins are rooted in Piedmont and connected to the Savoy family.

Placed next to the bread on the laid table, they are a typical product of the Piedmontese culinary tradition. The most disparate adjectives are linked to them: crumbly, delicious, crunchy.

Directly from the Valle Talloria oven on our tables

Zeffirio hand-stretched Langa breadsticks are a simple and homemade product, but which binds its name to important events and tastings.

They go well with great local wines, aperitifs, dishes from starred restaurants, but for their simplicity they are also the tasty companions for children’s snacks.

A simple and genuine product

Nothing more than water, flour and extra virgin olive oil: the recipe is all here, simple and unchanged over the years, like the elongated shape of the breadsticks, one of a kind.

It is possible to find Zeffirio breadsticks in the store – bakery in Valle Talloria, where it is also possible to buy bread and a selection of local products.

They are also bought in the best restaurants in the area, in some shops and in selected supermarkets.

A story that
begins in 1960

in Diano d’Alba

The Zeffiro family has always made bread at home, without ever buying it

At the beginning of 1960, Aldo Zeffirio opened his shop in Valle Talloria, a small hamlet of Diano d'Alba.

This is where the history of the company begins, which still bears his name. Today, as then, the work is based on tradition and craftsmanship.

A family of bakers and that has remained so, despite the growing demand for a production made up of large numbers and which over time has led the family to devote itself exclusively to the production of crumbly Langa breadsticks.

Under the teachings of father Aldo, Giorgio and Mario grew up who in turn shared the family knowledge with their children Michele and Giulia, representatives of the third generation.

Both working in the family shop and assisted by eight employees, they maintain the value of tradition by experimenting with new flours according to market demands.

Even today, customers are welcomed in the workshop-laboratory, which from the very beginning has been the historical site of the business and is located next to the church.


The Zeffirio family has always focused on the craftsmanship of the product and on a fine workmanship

It all begins with a careful choice of raw materials and with respect for the natural leavening times faithful to the original recipe.

Craftsmanship is a process that requires patience and wisdom: to make the dough, the biga leavened for over 15 hours is used.

This pre-dough, made of yeast flour and water, makes the final product more digestible.

The carefully selected flours come from local mills, able to ensure the safety standard that Zeffirio breadsticks deserve.

The hand stretching of each individual loaf allows to respect the dough and to obtain a quality crumbly breadstick.

It is then cooked with high temperature air in a special tunnel oven for 25 minutes: the time required to give it fragrance and crunchiness.

Hand-stretched breadsticks

To produce artisan breadsticks as good as they used to be, they have chosen to focus on a limited range, a symbol of excellence and quality.

  • Breadsticks with extra virgin olive oil: the lightest, suitable to accompany richer and tastier foods.
  • Breadsticks with bramata corn flour: for their production we use the highest quality flour, obtained by grinding coarse-grained corn, from which only the pulp of the grain is extracted. These breadsticks with a stronger taste are excellent to accompany delicious snacks.
  • Wholemeal breadsticks with stone-ground spelled flour: they whet the appetite without weighing it down and are suitable to accompany cold cuts, cheeses and tastings.


From the hills of the Langa and from an ancient tradition ... the good flavor of hand-stretched breadstick. To be able to tell the story of each Zeffirio breadstick you can not help but taste

Visits & Tastings

A visit to the artisan grissinificio to taste the products made today as in the past

On request, it is possible to visit the artisan workshop and discover, guided directly by one of the owners, the various phases of a long work that begins at night and ends in the early afternoon, with the finished and packaged product ready for delivery.

It begins with some hints relating to the history of the company that introduce the stages of processing: double leavening of both the mixture and the strips of dough, and then move on to manual stretching, cooking and final cooling.

At the end of the visit lasting 30 ‘it is possible to carry out a small tasting.

All products can be purchased directly in the store.


max 6 people

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Tasting Price

Free Tasting

Prices & Services

Zeffirio breadsticks are available in the laboratory shop, in the best local restaurants and in selected supermarkets

Breadsticks with extra virgin olive oil

Soft WHEAT flour "0" and T2 soft wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil min 6%, malt extract (barley), salt, yeast, corn flour.
Allergens: gluten
Box: 10 pieces
Weight: 200 g
Price: € 25.00

Breadsticks with corn flour

Soft WHEAT flour "0" and T2 wheat flour, water, corn flour 15% min, lard, malt extract (barley), salt, yeast. Traces of extra virgin olive oil.
Allergens: gluten
Box: 10 pieces
Weight: 200 g
Price: € 25.00

Breadsticks with wholemeal spelled flour

Whole spelled flour and soft T2 WHEAT 20%, water, 10% EVO oil, yeast, malt extract (barley) and salt.
Allergens: gluten
Box: 10 pieces
Weight: 200 g
Price: € 25.00


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