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Cascina Gabutti

Farm in Monforte d’Alba

The love for animals and the territory are the basis behind the creation of Cascina Gabutti, an Educational farmhouse and Punto Campagna Amica point located on the hills of Monforte d’Alba.

The company’s 16 hectares are mainly dedicated to cultivating grapevines, in particular the Nebbiolo from Barolo, and a small production of fruit and vegetables.

Its residents

Monia, the owner, may “appear” to be a farmer but in fact she doesn’t consider farming as work, rather a style of life.

By her side is Valter, who knows the agricultural world quite well and is the one responsible for the farmland.

There are numerous animals in the farmhouse’s courtyard, including three friendly donkeys, a goat, piglets, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, two peacocks and many more.

The activities

Various workshops and activities are offered, suitable for all ages, to help rediscover the wonders and simplicity of rural life.

From the egg to the chick

Showing children how hatching takes place and explaining to parents the properties, the structure and the use of eggs, dispelling even some urban legends.

The bread workshop

First we have fun kneading by hand, giving shape to the mixture, and we then listen to the legends, proverbs and the farmer’s know-how as we wait for the bread that’s cooking in the oven.

The agricultural vehicles

An interesting and intriguing journey through time to learn about how the work in the fields has changed over the years.

Taking care of the garden and fruit trees

Depending on the time of year we sow, take care of the land or harvest by observing the various vegetative stages of the fruit and vegetable plants.

Walking through the vineyards

A stroll amongst the vineyards to help discover the territory and its vines, the vineyard cycle, the work between the vine rows, etc.

Business Hours

Upon reservation

Closing Day


Spoken Languages

English, Italiano

Events at Cascina Gabutti

21 Sep 26 Sep

Una grande esposizione dedicata alla più contemporanea, trasversale e contaminata fra le arti che fino a ottobre vivrà negli spazi del teatro con 150 opere di 36 artisti

23 Sep 26 Sep

Una donna e un giovane si raccontano in un incalzante scambio di confidenze, esperienze, frustrazioni e speranze. Lei è una ‘giovincella’ folle, spensierata e colorata, dietro un velo di rughe

24 Sep 26 Sep

Un fine settimana all’insegna dell’ambiente, declinato attraverso diverse letture: il viaggio, lo sport, la musica e la comunicazione

24 Sep 26 Sep

Dedicata a winelover, curiosi e turisti gourmet torna ad Asti, dall’11 settembre al 3 ottobre la festa del vino più attesa dell’autunno italiano: la Douja d’Or

Produced Wines

Barolo DOCG, Chardonnay DOCG, Barbera d'Alba DOC, Nebbiolo DOCG

Vineyards Area


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Pets Allowed Direct Sales Parking Lot

Accepted Payments

Company visits

The activities we propose are designed for:

  • groups of children, visiting with school classes, for which theme days can be organized depending on the age of the group;
  • adults, so they can rediscover the pleasure of living peacefully in a relaxing environment;
  • families who wish to share the experience with their children; learning while having fun.

At the Cascina you can try our Langhet, the grape juice without alcohol or added sugar that is ideal for all ages. It’s made with chardonnay, dolcetto, barbera and nebbiolo grapes.

Cascina Gabutti, furthermore, is a Punto Campagna Amica point, which guarantees the sale of strictly agricultural and Italian products, and is part of the Piedmont Region Educational Farmhouses project.

And of course from the grapes we produce wines, which however are not processed directly on the farm.

The activities are available in Italian and English.

Your pets are more than welcome. Large dogs however must wear a muzzle.

For information and reservations, please fill out the form on the side, indicating the desired activity. We’d like to remind that visits and activities are available only through bookings.

La degustazione

Utilizza il modulo a lato per prenotare la tua visita!

La prenotazione è gradita e migliora l’accoglienza.

La sala degustazione può ospitare un massimo di 50 persone.

La degustazione è gratuita e comprende un assaggio di: Barolo DOCG, Chardonnay DOCG, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Nebbiolo DOCG.

In accompagnamento: pane, grissini, assaggio di formaggi, salumi, nocciole.

I prodotti possono essere spediti direttamente alla destinazione scelta.

Durata della visita: 1 h 30 minuti.

Lingue parlate: inglese e francese.

Per altre lingue straniere interprete su richiesta da quotare a parte.

Ricorda di segnalare le eventuali intolleranze alimentari.

Prezzi vendita in Cantina:

Barolo DOCG: € 20,00
Nebbiolo DOCG:  € 8,00
Chardonnay DOCG: € 8,00
Barbera d’Alba DOC: € 8,00

Cascina Gabutti

Località Gabutti Bussia, 42, 12065 Monforte d'Alba, CN, Italia
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