Lower Langa

The parish church of Treiso

in Treiso

Treiso – There was once only a little church dedicated to saint Lawrence, but in 1775 a new and bigger one was designed. This sounds quite strange, if you think that the new church was built outside the town, that it was at the time very expensive and very difficult to build, since the materials weren’tavailable there and had to be transported.

The church, is a classically baroque style, was completed in 1756 and has inth epresbiterium a beautiful statue of the Virgin. Over the two minor altars, on the left and right, are two paintings, the one of san Luigi Gonzaga and saint Catherine, by Gagliardi (1703), the other of the Virgin, san Bovo and san Isidoro, by Operti (1766). Much later, in 1898, the walls were decorated by the Toscano brothers with big frescos of the life ofMary.

In 1767 the bell tower was completed; it gives elegance and strenght to the church, intended to be astonishingly big and beautiful.

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