Lower Langa

Feudal Farmstead with Chapel of the Holy Crucifix and St. Theresa

in Sinio

The hamlet of Bricco del Gallo of Sinio (“Brich del Gallo” – at an altitude of 457 metres above sea level), which also comprises Cascina Fusina, was the site of the feudal manor farm of the Del Carretto Marquises, along with their own family chapel.

The current Denegri house corresponds to the noble building that was distinguished by the family coat of arms outside of the entrance and inside by wooden coffered ceilings and access to an underground way.

The noble place of worship, which is positioned in contiguity between the above stated one and today’s Francavilla house, was dedicated to the Holy Crucifix and St. Theresa of Avila. However, entry was already banned in 1869.

The historical complex, originally found between the estates of the castle of the Del Carretto Marquises, was probably built during the first half of the seventeenth century and remained there until the nineteenth century, when the feudal branch properties of Sinio were transferred to local owners.

Here the marquisate was directly connected through a specific path to an ancient fortress with watchtower, still in the XIX century, called Castle of the Moucci (the present Bricchetto farmstead situated on the highest hill, at an altitude of 507 metres above sea level).

In that remarkable position, the fortress with its watchtower was located near the feudal area bordering with the territory of Roddino, formerly included in the Marquisate of Saluzzo (Savoy since 1601).

Instead, leading back up from the hamlet of Gavugna, the medieval connecting road passed through Bricco del Gallo between Sinio and Monforte, the fiefdoms of the Del Carretto family.

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