Lower Langa

Cascina Gramolere

Wine Producer in Monforte d’Alba

On the way to the town of Monforte d’Alba, just passed Perno hamlet you reach Località Castelletto, where Cascina Gramolere stands surrounded by the silence of Langhe.

This small family run business owned by the agrotechnic Claudio Pressenda produces typical red Langa wines in the traditional way, selling them in Italy and abroad, also loose.

The Farmhouse has 4.5 ha of vineyards in half hill, cultivated in red grapes as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. The average annual production is 20.000 bottles.


Events at Cascina Gramolere


A story that
begins in 1966

in Monforte d’Alba

The name of the company, which correspond to the toponym of the location, it’s said to come from an event which dates back to the XIX century, when a group of paesants bought these lands.

At the time the soil was still uncultivated and while they were tilling and plowing it, they faced many difficulties, mainly due to the presence of large number of rocks and graminia (garmin, which is a highly resistant and coriaceous weed).

At some point one of the peasants, throwing away his hoe, exasperated by the fatigue exclaimed: “Ei sun mac gramun e père!”, which means, roughly translated from the piedmontese language of the time, “There are only garmin and rocks”.

From the mixing and distortion of the two words “gramun e père” is born the term “Gramurere”, later italianized in “Gramolere”.

The Wines

The traditional red wines they produce are genuine and authentic

In the cellar Claudio works according to tradition and his wines prove it.

Soft pressing, submerged cap fermentation with frequent pumping over and racking to keep the wine as clean as possible.

The Dolcetto d’Alba is aged in stainless steel or cement tanks, while Barolo and Barbera d’Alba age in large oak barrels.

The Barolo of Monforte

That of Monforte is certainly a terroir of the highest vocation.

The Barolo produced by Gramolere is garnet red in color, with a characteristic, ethereal and intense aroma. In the mouth it is dry, austere, but still harmonious and velvety.

It is a very persistent and long-aging wine that tends to improve in color, aroma and taste over time.

Produced Wines

Barolo DOCG, Barbera d'Alba DOC, Dolcetto d'Alba DOC, Vino rosato Isabella

Vineyards Extension

4.5 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Monforte d'Alba

Agricultural Method


Visits & Tastings

If the climate allows it, the visit begins with a tour of the vineyards.

All the vines are gathered around the farmhouse, which is almost unique. Here Claudio gives a brief explanation of his work in the rows.

From here you move to the cellar.

In the old part, built probably around 1925, there are the aging rooms, where the Barolo and Barbera rest, rigorously in large oak barrels, before being bottled.

Then the tour moves to the new part of the winery, where the freshly harvested grapes are brought and where the wine is explained: from the de-stemming to the bottling, passing through the fermentation, decanting and aging phases.

The visit continues with the tasting.

The tasting room is furnished in the Langhe style, simple but warm: a solid wood table, a large fireplace on one side, and many historical bottles.

Along with the wines, depending on the type of visit you’ve chosen, you will be served assorted platters of local products, such as cheese, salami, delicious snacks and homemade bread.

The tasting

Full visit → 10,00 € per person 

Tasting of the wines and aperitif with local products such as cold cuts, cheese and snacks, with tour of the cellar and vineyards.


max 20 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 5€

Prices & Services

Tasting and selling prices

Visit prices

10,00 € per person

Tasting of the wines and aperitif with local products such as cold cuts, cheese and snacks, with tour of the cellar and vineyards.

Wines selling prices

  • Barolo DOCG a 20€
  • Barbera d’Alba DOC a 7€
  • Dolcetto d’Alba DOC a 5€
  • Rosato Isabella 5€


Pets Allowed Direct Sales Parking Lot Garden

Accepted Payments

Visa / Cartasi Mastercard

Cascina Gramolere

Az. Ag. Cascina Gramolere, Castelletto, Monforte d'Alba, CN, Italia
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