Lower Langa

The Luigi Einaudi public library

in Dogliani

Founded in 1963 by Giulio Einaudi as a tribute to his father Luigi, famous economist and first President of the Italian Republic, the Luigi Einaudi Library was the first example of the introduction in Italy of a modern kind of library, open to everyone in both its collections and organization.

The project, by the architect Bruno Zevi, followed functionality and simplicity criteria:there’s a single big room, divided in many sectors by mobile shelves, that can be moved in order to transform the room into an auditorium for 80 people.

At first the Library owned 5000 books, chosen by the most important experts of each field; in time, the collection has been enriched and includes now around 9000 volumes.

Computerized in 1995, theLibrary offers the possibility not only to have books onloan rapidly and for free, but also different services such as a computer, permanently connected to the Internet, where it’s possible to scan other Italian and foreign collections.

The Library is now an extremely active cultural centre, and is the site for many prestigious happening during the year.

The Luigi Einaudi public library

Via Louis Chabat, 7, 12063 Dogliani CN, Italia
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