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Mario Rivetti Cascina Serre

Wine Producer in Alba

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Sunday and Saturday (by appointment only)


Just above Alba, not more than three kilometers from the center, stands the Mario Rivetti winery, founded by the namesake in the late 60s.

The farmhouse is located in a highly panoramic point, in the middle ground between the Barolo and Barbaresco areas.

The 10 hectares of property are entirely in the municipality of Alba, precisely attached to the company, and have been worked for three generations with passion and with attention towards sustainable viticulture, which excludes pesticides and herbicides.

Mario’s daughters Anna and Loredana grew up among vineyards and wines and from 2000, at a very young age, they led the company together with Giuseppe, husband of Anna and trifulau for hobbies and passion.

The two sisters follow each step with maximum commitment and dedication, from cultivation to marketing, producing high quality wines capable of describing the union between the territory and the grape variety from which they derive, with an all-female touch.

The Wines

Anna and Loredana learn the art of winemaking from their father, and focus on the expression of each variety.

The majority of the production is of red berried grapes, from which they vinify:

  • Dolcetto d’Alba, a traditional peasant wine, a simple and drinkable table wine
  • Barbera d’Alba, which according to the Rivetti family is finally experiencing its period of glory thanks to climate change, which gives it an extreme balance between acidity and structure
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba, grown between Barolo and Barbaresco, which takes the best from both areas and results in an elegant and complex wine

The production whites are instead:

  • Langhe Favorita, a great white wine from Langa rich in acidity and persistence
  • Langhe Chardonnay, a bet that the company makes with itself, vinifying it in the Langa and refining it in French oak tonneau for a year
  • Moscato d’Asti, for a sweet ending.

Produced Wines

Dolcetto d'Alba
Barbera d'Alba
Nebbiolo d'Alba
Langhe Favorita
Langhe Chardonnay
Moscato d'Asti

Vineyards Extension

10 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location


Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

In the cellar, the welcome is simple, genuine and familiar

The company is small and entirely managed by the Rivetti family, and so intends to remain.

It is therefore important for the producers to make those who visit them experience a 360 degree experience, creating a direct relationship with customers.

The visit lasts about 1 hour and a half and when the weather permits it starts from the vineyards adjacent to the company, where, while enjoying the splendid panorama, all the steps prior to the harvest will be explained to you.

You will then enter the cellar, passing through the wine-making and bottling areas, up to the aging area where wood is the master.

The final part of the visit will be in the newly built tasting room, where you can finally taste the wines paired with local meats and cheeses.

The tasting costs € 15 per person, but discounts are made for larger groups.


max 50 people

Visit Duration

1h 30 min



Tasting Price

Starting at 15€

Productive philosophy

According to the Rivetti family, wine is not made in the cellar, but it is from the choices in the vineyard that the quality derives.

For this reason the two sisters take care of their vineyards with the utmost dedication, following the trends of the different vintages and practicing integrated pest control, that is, intervening with chemical treatments only when there are no alternatives.

The owned vineyards are located at an altitude ranging from 300 to 350 m above sea level and they are mostly exposed to the South, with calcareous-clayey soils and with the presence of the characteristic Marne di Sant’Agata.

The latter are bluish marly layers with little sand, which give the wine elegance and longevity.

In the cellar, the combination of tradition and innovation is balanced, so as to safeguard the health of consumers by keeping the doses of sulfur dioxide low.

Truffle hunt

Giuseppe, Anna's husband, is trifulau. Upon reservation, you can choose to combine the tasting with the truffle search, carried out on site; at the end of the search you will be served a dish seasoned with black truffle.

Prices & Services

A single type of tasting


The visit with final tasting of the wines produced has a cost of € 15 per person, but discounts are available for large groups.

The tasting room can accommodate a group of up to 15 people, but upon booking the cellar welcomes up to 50 people together, with the tasting in the cellar standing, always paired with cheeses and cold cuts.


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Mario Rivetti

Località Serre, 34/1, 12051 Alba, CN, Italia
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