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The Wednesday market in Neive


The market in Neive is held on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the lower part of the town, in Piazza Garibaldi, next to the train station.

Despite the limited number of stands, roughly 15, similar to the La Morra or Monforte d’Alba markets, it has little to do with them.

The large space that houses it doesn’t allow one to imagine the town’s beautiful historic center up above, which would give the market a more typical and characteristic feel.

And don’t imagine huddled stalls or a flow of passersby that slowly makes its way through entangled town streets: the square is so large that the market might not seem that crowded.


The fruit and vegetable stands

The stands in the piazza

The Neive townsfolk and the local people from the surrounding villages get together willingly during this midweek market.

There are quite a few vendors who sell clothing and footwear, textiles, household goods and do-it-yourself tools.

The food stands are well stocked: ranging from rotisserie, cold cuts, cheeses and gastronomy peddlers.

The refrigerated van with fish products from Adriano is quite popular. It has a wide choice of fresh fish and one can also order specialties.

The fresh season fruit and vegetables stand is also a favorite.

Luigi, a florist from Nizza Monferrato, has a small gazebo where he displays decorations and floral arrangements made with artificial flowers.


Neive flower market

What is probably missing at the Neive market is what tourists usually look for: local typicality.

Anyone wishing to have direct contact with the producers may want to go elsewhere, perhaps to Doglianiin Piazza Confraternita, where the two weekly markets are held on Thursday and Saturday morning.

Photo credits: Federico Carpino

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