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La Sbornia a Verduno, opening in spring 2023, was created in recognition of its host territory. Architecturally, nothing is left to chance and every detail is significant. In fact, the name pays homage to a painting by Alba artist Pinot Gallizio entitled precisely La sbornia a Verduno and displayed above the restaurant’s reception counter.

The restaurant is located just outside the village, inside a modern and harmonious building perfectly integrated into the Langhe landscape.

Events and exhibitions lend a personal touch to the venue by promoting the union of culture and good food.

The lounge food La Sbornia and the gourmet restaurant Antipodi

The spaces are characterized by an informal and welcoming style within which guests can choose between two types of experiences.

The first floor houses the convivial area of La Sbornia, featuring typical cuisine closely linked to the Piedmont region.

Antipodi is the gourmet restaurant located on the second floor and is a departure from the local culinary art. The proposals range between different research tasting menus, capable of telling the story of chef Carmela Straniero‘s experiences and training.

Each element is a tribute to the land

Architectural elements are clearly visible from the outside and amaze when interior lights enhance the details. It all goes back to the peasant dimension that has allowed the Langhe to gain worldwide notoriety.

It is interesting to find out the reasons for modeling certain elements of the structure (from the interior stairs to the roof, to the supporting pillar) according to specific shapes and to understand the choice of certain colors used for the exterior walls.

Events at La Sbornia a Verduno

  • 10 Apr 30 Jun

    The most satisfying hour of the day to spend in the town square, sipping fine drinks and enjoying the view of the hills

  • 28 Apr 02 Jun

    An 'Unforgettable sensory experience among the rows of vines with a walk, visit to the winery, aperitif and lunch under the Langhe sun

  • 04 May 26 May

    La mostra è un viaggio attraverso resine, plastiche, colle da legatoria e materiali organici che plasmano e danno vita a quella che l’artista ama definire “la poetica del silenzio"

  • 21 May 26 May

    More than 100 works by Guercino and coeval artists to present the great art of the Emilian master and together tell the story of the craft and life of seventeenth-century painters

The Restaurant

Traditional cuisine and convivial spirit in a setting that tastes like home

La Sbornia lounge food is located on the ground floor. Here you can enjoy traditional Piedmontese cuisine, with its classic dishes with refined flavors, prepared exclusively with quality ingredients and raw materials chosen from trusted local producers.

The concept is that of an open and informal kitchen where one can stop even if only to enjoy a dish or a quick lunch during a trip to the area while enjoying the breathtaking views.

Similarly, it is an ideal choice for a dinner with friends, a family meal or a couple’s evening out.

The kitchen is available to guests from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and 7:30 to 10 pm.

With the kettle off

The kitchen offers a special afternoon menu of cold dishes from 2:30 to 7:30 pm.

It is a journey through Italian cheeses and cured meats, focaccia, homemade bread, the inevitable appetizers of the Piedmontese tradition, and tastes beyond national borders.

The large outdoor patio allows in warm weather to sit outside.

Each of our dishes is thought out, prepared, plated and served with care and love. And since care and love are priceless, so is our cover!


Battuta di fassona
Handmade plin with three roasts
Scamone crusted with breadsticks
Homage to Langa (polenta shortbread, gianduia mousse, praline and hazelnut ice cream)

Tasting Menu

Not available

Wine by the Glass

Starting at 4€

Special Menu

  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: Upon Request
  • Celiac: Yes

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Aperitifs made of details and a curated wine list

At La Sbornia, the art of the aperitif is at home, and this convivial ritual is made special by the location and the possibility of consuming it comfortably either on the sofas of the lounge bar or on the stools of the convivial table overlooking the surrounding hills and villages.

The wine list

The sommelier in the dining room advises how best to pair dishes with the wines on the list, both from the local area and from outside the region. A selection of Champagnes is also featured.

They range from bubbles by Cocchi, Ettore Germano, Fontanabianca, and Marcalberto to whites by Chiarlo, Oddero and Marziano Abbona, Cornarea, and Marchisio. There are rosés from Nervi and Livia Fontana to the more structured reds from Domenico Clerico, Viberti, Massolino, Bel Colle and Franco Conterno.

There is no shortage of gins and grappas from Italian and international producers: the Ma&Co’ gin from Distilleria Sibona in Piobesi d’Alba, that of the Langhe-based Rogin company and the Povera Patria label produced by MAnoRossa® and distributed by the DeLab Fermentazioni brewery.

The latter is also a producer of several types of craft beer also featured on the menu.

La Sbornia and the painting of Pinot Gallizio

A passion for cooking goes hand in hand with a passion for art. In fact, the restaurant is named after the painting, beautifully displayed at the entrance, La Sbornia (The Hangover) in Verduno painted in 1960 by Pinot Gallizio.
The work is a synthesis of multiple, sometimes indistinguishable elements that challenge the viewer to the game of recognition. Carefully observing the details leads to the same sense of estrangement one feels after drinking a couple of glasses of Pelaverga, the representative wine of the municipality of Verduno.
The painting is also featured on the label of Verduno Pelaverga DOC produced by the adjacent Bel Colle Winery.

Chef Carmela Straniero

The human and professional journey that has its origins in Puglia

Carmela Straniero is of Apulian descent, and her passion for cooking manifested as a child, thanks to her mother’s inspiration and the flavors of her homeland.

He trained at restaurants in his region, then moved first to Tuscany and later to London where he worked with chef Massimiliano Blasone and later with Alain Ducasse as head of bakery and pastry.

Her career path was enriched by stimulating experiences at Antica Corona Reale in Cervere, Arnolfo in Colle Val D’Elsa and Vescovado in Noli, Liguria.

Turning 30 years old, Carmela has a new and ambitious project: to open a place where customers can feel good and with a breathtaking view, able to give her the right energy every day to make her dishes.

The turning point came through a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Priola and Mr. and Mrs. Mascarello, who gave her carte blanche to create the much-desired restaurant where tradition and innovation meet.

La Sbornia was thus born, as a vision become reality that is reflected in a phrase by Pinot Gallizio so dear to Carmela:

The creators of new things are the artists

Antipodi Gourmet Restaurant

Antipodi is the novelty that will see the light of day in the winter of 2023 and will represent the creative spirit and personality of Chef Carmela Straniero. Three menus untethered from the local tradition in which the chef's life and work experiences, but also the encounters, the flavors of her homeland and the faraway places where she has honed her technique, will merge.

Prices & Services

At La Sbornia, food becomes art

The Menu of La Sbornia Lounge Food


  • White Alba Truffle 5,00 € per gr. - Minimum portion size 10 gr.
  • Battuta di fassona, Parmigiano and hazelnuts 13,00 €
  • Pink spot cooked girello, traditional tuna sauce 13,00 €
  • Burratina cheese, Trapanese pesto and basil oil 12,00 €
  • Rabbit tuna, lamb's lettuce and sweet and sour vegetables 13,00 €
  • Mullet fillet fried in panko 20.00 €
  • Handmade first courses 19,00 €

First courses

  • Tajarin with Verduno sausage ragout 19,00 €
  • Tajarin with porcini mushrooms 20,00 €
  • Spaghetti alla chitarra, Caciocavallo garganico and pepper 16,00 €
  • Cuttlefish ink tagliatella, almond cream, lemon and Mazara red shrimp 22,00 €
  • Tajarin with butter and white truffle 10 gr. 60.00 €

Main courses

  • Rabbit thigh, blue cheese and aubergines 20.00 €
  • Guinea fowl leg, porcini mushrooms and sautéed chanterelles 23,00 €
  • Rump in breadstick crust, celeriac 22,00 €
  • Pig cheek, Pelaverga, black cabbage and mashed potatoes 20,00 €
  • Vegetables 8,00 €


  • Vanilla panna cotta, passion fruit sorbet 9,00 €
  • Apricot mousse with sponge and yogurt ice cream 9,00 €
  • Langa: hazelnut and polenta 9,00 €
  • The same ingredients as tiramisu 9,00 €
  • Ice creams and sorbets of our own production 6,00 €


  • Selection of cheeses - 3 samples 12,00 €
  • Selection of cheeses - 5 samples 18,00 €


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La Sbornia a Verduno

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