Lower Langa

The Castle of Barolo

in Barolo

A very ancient castle – it has been first built in the X century -, it has been restored and changed many times during time. It has been a defensive fortress, a country villa, a strict religious college; and every use that has been made of it has left its traces on the big building.

The most impressive features of the castle are its dimensions, a very evident sign of th epower of the Lords of this place.

Inside it’s possible to visit the rooms, still with the original furnitures of marquis Giulia Colbert, the salons, the library with the memories of Silvio Pellico, the patriot who, after having been in the Spielberg prison, worked here as a secretary and librarian for almost twenty years.

There’s also the ethnografic and enologic museum of Barolo, an exhibition of ancient farming tools used for farming grapes in the Langhe, a coolection of crystal wine glasses and old pictures.

In the cellars, where the marquis Giulia baptized the first Barolo wine, there’s a regional cellar.

Now the castle houses the Wine Museum – Wimu

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The Castle of Barolo

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