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The Cedar of Lebanon, an evergreen conifer that towers majestically over Monfalletto Hill in the Annunziata hamlet of La Morra, is one of the unexpected vantage points of the Langa del Barolo, the pride of the area’s inhabitants and a place of inspiration for photographers and would-be photographers.

It is admired for its majesty and the natural setting in which it is set: an authentic belvedere that reaches out to the Alpine range, with views of Nebbiolo vines and the villages of Langhe and Roero, recognizable by their towers and castles.

For all these reasons, one of the most common Anglo-Saxon terms used by foreign tourists to describe this place is breathtaking.

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The cedar of Lebanon

To the origins of the cedar of La Morra

The history of the cedar tree began in 1856 when two young people, Costanzo Falletti of Rodello and Eulalia Della Chiesa of Cervignasco, descendants of the present family, planted the tree to commemorate their wedding, thus sealing two loves: the mutual love of the newlyweds and that of their family for these lands.

According to tradition, this was an auspicious gesture, symbolized by the choice of a particularly sturdy and long-lived tree that could reflect their bond: a strong and enduring love to be passed on to future generations so that they would keep its memory.

Even today, almost 160 years later, we still witness the wedding vows of the two young newlyweds.

Growing imposingly through the decades, he witnesses the changes that have taken place among these hills: from the toil and poverty of the Fenoglian "malora" and the "world of the vanquished", to the years of the Resistance to the ultimate redemption and consecration of the Langhe worldwide.

Cedar today

As it is a very long-lived plant, the Monfalletto Hill cedar appears robust and healthy

Its long branches, shaped by the wind, grew horizontally as if to protect the precious Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyards.

For some time, the short dirt road leading to the top of the hill has been barred and the cedar tree protected by a low net that prevents direct access.

Despite these restrictions, it is worth a stop there as it can be admired up close, with a view from below that enhances its majesty and grandeur.

How to get there

The hill on which it stands, located right next to the Azienda Cordero di Montezemolo, can be reached by car, but a bicycle and a fair amount of training is recommended to make the most of the surrounding landscape.

The cedar of Lebanon

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