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Experience On The Road is a different experience from the usual, structured in open-air settings within the city, and, in the particular case of the Langhe, among rows of vines and small villages as well as in Alba.

This is a new way to entertain, to stimulate the mind, intuition and logic: participants in the game will be challenged to solve mysteries and riddles, revolving around a basic theme, within urban streets but also in nature.

It is also a valuable mode of social interaction that strengthens the team for both individuals and companies: collaboration between all participants will be an indispensable factor in collecting the clues and solving the puzzles that will arise in the course of the adventure and successfully completing the game.

The Origins of Escape Games

The first known embryo of escape rooms, and from which the trend of this type of games would branch out, was the experience created in Japan by Takao Katoe, who in 2008 started offering ‘Real Escape Games’ in a series of clubs.

The participants, divided into teams, were asked to solve puzzles based on previously provided clues: the first team to solve them all would win the game.

Takao’s idea stemmed from his passion for novels and manga, which inspired his desire to experience first-hand the adventures narrated therein.

The Organisation

An expert company offering an alternative to the classic escape room

This special version of the puzzle course is organized by X-SCAPE EXPERIENCE ON THE ROAD, a service that stems from the desire to create an alternative form of entertainment dedicated to different audiences such as families, groups of friends, birthdays, hen and stag parties, weddings and, as mentioned above, team building.

The company has been a leader for years in the design and development of ON THE ROAD, geo-locating itself in the historic centres of Italy’s main cities of art.

Not only in the Langhe is it possible to participate in this experiment, but in numerous national centres: Alessandria, Asti, Bergamo, Bologna, Cagliari, Ferrara, Florence, Milan, Novara, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Rimini, Rome, Venice and Verona. Abroad, it is active in Ibiza.

And it is precisely here that lies the main and intriguing difference from traditional escape rooms in which players find themselves, instead, inside a room, from which they must manage to escape by solving a series of puzzles and busillis.

Have fun!

Starting Point

The start of the adventure with Escape Experience On The Road coincides with the geolocation of Google Maps: depending on the city in which you play you will have access to an app with all the digital tools to participate. You will also need a notepad.

The App

To play, download the Trello app and register with your email and password. You will need to send all competitor e-mails to be placed on the game board. Inside the board, you will find the rules and other important information.

To Keep in Touch

You will need to create a WhatsApp chat in which you add the number of all participants as well as the organizer's: the chat will be the main contact with him. You will also find a name for your team.

Game Modes

Beginners: the duration will be 3 hours with the possibility of asking for up to three helpers.

Experts: the duration will be 2 hours and you will not have the possibility to ask for extra support.

Prices & Services

Payment Criteria

Cost of Experience

With Master Langhe Experience: half-day (3-hour game)

  • Private: (min. 2 pax)→ 40€ each
  • Ticket for 2 players → 75,00 € each
  • Ticket for 3 players → 200,00 € in total
  • Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children - max. 14 years) → 100,00 € per family
  • Team Building Ticket (min. 4 people) → 60,00€ + VAT per person


Accepted Payments

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