La Morra Bell Tower

La Morra Bell Tower, set  in che historical centre of  La Morra,  was built between 1709 and 1711 by Engineer Cocito from Neive, who completed all the work below the belfry.

The belfry itself was designed by Engineer Domenico Pettiti from Cherasco, who was hired to resolve the slight westward lean in the tower. Pettiti  decided not to buit a sixth level as indicated in the original plans, substituting it instead with the belfry.

The tower is 31 metres high and composed of five levels of simple squares and baroque style belfry. At its base, there are fragments of the ston from the pre-exsistent medieval tower which collapsed in 1700, one of the few remaining traces of the castle destroyed by occupying French troops in 1544.

The tower  is open from March to November, Saturdays and Sundays and it’s located a few meters away from the  La Morra Winery, that represents a broad overview of La Morra wine production, especially of the Barolo wine.

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