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Borgogno Rivata

Wine Producer in La Morra

A young winery, based on the production of quality wines without the limits of tradition.

Development and innovation converge in the bottle to give life to new wines, with the help of lands that are historically suited to the production of wine.

It practices low environmental impact agriculture through grassing and integrated pest management, in order to avoid the use of herbicides and fungicides.

Borgogno Rivata - Vendemmia

A story that
begins in 2010

in La Morra

In 2010, the companies of Alberto and Massimo merge.

In both families there is a strong link with wine, but the two young men believe that a new interpretation is needed.

Getting to know the French phenomenon of the 1990s, the so-called “garage wine” of the Bordeaux area, they start asking themselves: why compete with the “Barolisti”?

Their dream is a small production representative of the territory of Langhe and Roero, but free from the limiting dictates of tradition.

This is how the Borgogno Rivata winery comes to life: a young and fresh company founded on experimentation and development.

The Wines

The property extends for about forty hectares.

Most of the property is distributed near the company in the locality of Sotteri in Guarene, while the rest of the vineyards are in La Morra.

The lands are cultivated with vineyards (5 hectares), cereals, corn and wheat (30 hectares), orchards of apples, pears, apricots, peaches, plums and hazelnuts (5 hectares), to which is added a hectare dedicated to horticulture.

The wines produced are BaroloNebbioloDolcetto and Barbera for the reds, together with Favorita and Arneis for whites.

Produced Wines

Barolo DOCG
Langhe Nebbiolo DOC
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
Barbera d'Alba DOC
Roero Arneis DOCG

Vineyards Extension

40 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

La Morra e Guarene

Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management


Sidré is the first Madernassa pear cider.

From the crushing and pressing of the Madernassa pear, a typical Roero variety, we obtain the juice for the initial fermentation at 14°, which lasts roughly 15/20 days.

The bubbly process takes place during the second fermentation which is carried out at 12°, after which filtering and a period of rest in tanks take place.

At this point the Sidré cider is ready to be bottled: dry, bubbly and with low alcohol (Vol. 8%). It’s ideal for any situation; for all dishes and light aperitifs.


In addition to clearly referring to cider, the word Sidrè follows the expression in Piedmontese dialect “si drè”, which means “back here“. As a child Massimo wasn’t aware of the fact that “si drè” meant what it meant, and when in the old family house the “adults” asked him to go pick two pears “si drè” he thought they referred to the variety – which is actually Madernassa.

Visits & Tastings

The Pit Stop in 3 steps: an exciting experience full of twists!

The visit proposed by Borgogno Rivata is different from the common tour in the cellar, and is divided into 3 moments.

Get your fill of energy with the tasting of production wines and Sidré, take part in the Gran Prix Borgogno Rivata and lead the wine you liked the most to victory!

1. Qualifications in the vineyards

The visit begins among the rows of vines to learn about the vegetative stages, the work carried out and what still needs to be done to produce an excellent wine.

2. Reconnaissance in the garage cellar

Once in the cellar, a modern, industrial-style environment awaits you, with murals and graffiti on the walls.

You will be shown the rooms dedicated to winemaking, refining and storage of wines.

3. Pit Stop: the tasting

Once in the tasting room you will taste 4 wines, accompanied by other farm products such as cooked Madernassa pear, Piedmont hazelnuts and fresh seasonal fruit.

There will be other local specialties, including cold cuts, cheeses, focaccia and breadsticks.


The inimitable cider made from Madernassa pears.

Roero Arneis DOCG

Ideal for aperitifs and appetizers … but not only.

Pineti Barbera d’Alba DOC

The wine that best represents the Rivata family.

Bricot Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

The youngest idea of ​​nebbiolo.

After completing all the stages of the Pit Stop, all you have to do is establish your Borgogno Rivata podium!


max 12 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 20€

Prices & Services

Visits and tastings

Wine tastings

4 Wines → 25,00 € per person

  • Sidrè
  • Roero Arneis DOCG
  • Barbera d'Alba DOC Pineti
  • Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Bricot

Visiting Hours

  • from 10:00 to 12:00
  • from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm

On request, other days and times are also evaluated


Air Conditioning Pets Allowed Direct Sales WiFi Parking Lot Garden

Accepted Payments

Visa / Cartasi Mastercard Diners ATM / Bancomat

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