Montezemolo is called the “door to the Langhe”, and in the summer it’s visited by many tourists who want to enjoy its pleasant weather and wonderful views over the Maritime Alps.

The palace in the Villa village was built in the XVIII century with the stones of the ancient castle. The parish church of san Benedetto was built in 1713.

In the first week in July the Honey Fair is held.


It has been owned by the marquis of Ceva, by the Savoia, the marquis Del Carretto and many other local families.

In 1718 it was bought by Adriano Cordero di Montezemolo, whose family is the present owner of the castle.

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The castle of Camerana

SP111, 2, 12072 Camerana CN, Italia
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The San Rocco chapel

SP212, 12070 Prunetto CN, Italia
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The church of San Nicola

Via Castello, 19, 12060 Belvedere Langhe CN, Italia
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The church of Madonna del Carmine

SP212, 14, 12077 Prunetto CN, Italia
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The San Rocco Chapel

Mombarcaro, CN, Italia
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Red Castle Sale delle Langhe

Arbi, Sale delle Langhe CN, Italia
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