Wandering in Langa

What to do in the Langhe in winter

December 22, 2023

When thinking of the Langhe, most will probably think of the sight of a breathtaking landscape, perhaps during the foliage season, when the colors of autumn are shown in all their glory.

Some, on the other hand, will think of the scents of spring, picturesque walks on forest trails, and scenic rides through routes surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Still others prefer the Langhe in summer, an ideal destination for an escape from the city, especially on days when the heat becomes unbearable, the spaces seem so small as to make us claustrophobic and there is a need for air (and a glass of wine).

What about in winter? The area is transformed into a fairy-tale picture, where dormant vineyards and silent villages glow under the clear sky, offering a serene and enchanted panorama. Okay, beautiful. But what can be done? A lot of things.

Tastings and visits to the Winery

The region is world-famous for its fine wines. Winter is the ideal time to visit wineries and be told the anecdotes and most fascinating aspects of the production process directly by the producer.

The highlight of the visit to the winery is, of course, the guided tasting of the area’s renowned wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco.

Wineries to visit

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Unplug in spas and resorts

If you are looking for exclusive services for the well-being of the body and mind here you fall for it.

At the various resorts in the area you can find the mix of tranquility and the natural beauty of the hills with an upscale proposal, in an atmosphere ideal for taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

Here, visitors can enjoy spa treatments, relaxing massages, baths in natural thermal waters, and aromatherapy sessions, often accompanied by panormic views of the surrounding vineyards.

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In search of truffles

Guided by experienced truffle hunters and their faithful dogs, you can wander into the woods and fields, where the silence is broken only by the rustling of leaves and the pealing of dogs at work.

It is an experience that stimulates all the senses: the smell of the earth, the sight of landscapes, and the sound of nature around you.

Truffle hunting is an ancient and mysterious art: as you explore, you will learn to recognize the trees and soils favored by the truffles, and you will observe the special relationship created between the dog and the truffle hunter, a perfect synergy for unearthing precious hidden treasures.

Cover yourself well! Outdoor activities

For the more daring, those who are not frightened by the cold, there are organized or self-guided walks for all ages and levels, through beautiful trails with breathtaking views.

Alternatively, you can take four steps through spectacular medieval villages: The region is dotted with charming hamlets such as Monforte d’Alba, Neive, and Barolo, which are especially picturesque in the snow.

Are you passionate about landscape photography? Well, in that case, put on your warmest clothes, assault shoes, SLR on your shoulder, and off you go: get ready to capture the Langhe winter landscapes, unique and fascinating scenery that the whole world envies us.

Intellectual Langhe: Visit the Museums

In the Langhe, there are several museums and places of cultural interest worth visiting, especially during the winter season.

In Barolo there is the Wine Museum, which offers an interactive and emotional journey through wine culture, and the Corkscrew Museum, located inside a wine shop, which displays different types of corkscrews, showing the evolutions over time design of this tool, definitely indispensable in these parts!

Wimu - Events

For an interactive experience for the whole family, we highly recommend the Wine Experience at Mondodelvino in Priocca, a fun and surprising journey made up of big screens, interactive totems, games, video mapping, sensory and visual experiences.

As you can easily guess, we could go on and on with the list of museums that are worth visiting. Our advice is to do some research and find the ones that inspire you the most.

Museums of the Langhe

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Discovering churches and castles

Immerse yourself in history by visiting medieval castles, silent witnesses to bygone eras. Each castle in the Langhe tells a unique story, from majestic manors overlooking the horizon to small fortresses hidden among the vineyards.

Barolo Castle

Symbols of the power of the ancient noble families, who vied for dominance over these fertile lands, the many castles of Langa tell a story of wars, conquests and victories, dating back to the Middle Ages and later years.

No less fascinating are the scattered ancient churches for the territory. These sacred places, some of which date back to the Romanesque period, are treasures of art and spirituality.

In these places, one can admire the centuries-old frescoes, delicate stonework and peaceful atmosphere that envelops these sacred spaces.

Churches & Castles to visit

Alba Underground

Underground Alba is a tour led by a professional archaeologist for an itinerary that includes a selection of underground stops from among the 32 on the city’s archaeological trail, plus a concluding stop at the F. Eusebio Civic Museum.

The temple, theater and forum from Roman times, the mosaics and domus, the ancient walls, the first baptismal font and the vanished medieval towers, a journey to discover the underground roots of the city.