I Castelli delle Langhe

Symbols of the power of the ancient noble families, who vied for dominance over these fertile lands, the many castles of Langa tell a story of wars, conquests and victories, dating back to the Middle Ages and later years.

The rolling hills of the Langhe are dotted with these ancient buildings, varying in size and origin. You can easily spot them on the hilltops, imposing, or sometimes more hidden, depending on the function they served at the time.

The castles of the Langhe take us back to the Middle Ages to later eras, recreating the dynamics of the noble families who inhabited these lands.

Historic mansions, fortresses, manors, now brought to life as settings for luxurious restaurants or hotels, rather than museum venues for exhibitions on the history of the Langhe.

Visit or relax

You can visit the castle with a guide or enjoy the park in relaxation

I Castelli delle Langhe