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Give an experience for Christmas Winery tours and complete vacation packages!

December 11, 2023
Stappare una bottiglia

In the past few months we’ve talked about how brilliant it is to give a bottle of wine as a gift: it’s a classy gift, good for everyone, and it’s also easily recyclable… it really doesn’t get any better than that.

However, if you’ve come a little long and are afraid that the shipment won’t arrive in time, or you don’t feel like making a trip to the wine shop, or maybe you don’t have the head to go flailing around with packages and parcels, I want to propose an alternative solution.

This year give an experience as a gift: a voucher for a winery visit, or a complete vacation package, again there is something for everyone. Besides, let’s face it: the memory of a good vacation is never forgotten!

Give the gift of a tasting

I can recommend 3 wineries that are equipped to do gift certificates with tasting.

Cascina Fontanette

A sanguine and “old-fashioned” winery. Owner Franco comes from a long line of winemakers, and has rather recently started bottling.

Produces the typical wines of the Alba area: Dolcetto, Barbera(d’Asti and Alba), Nebbiolo and Moscato.

Cascina Fontanette - Franco Ariano
Franco – the owner of Cascina Fontanette

The tasting is particularly rich, a true winery aperitif, offered with 3 different cuts:

  • Reduced – 3 wines of your choice
  • Complete – 5 wines of your choice
  • Premium – 7 wines per celta

The labels are accompanied by a selection of local cheeses and cured meats, each designed for the matching wine.

Recommended for those looking for the winery “the way it used to be.”


Paolo, Monica and Aldo run the Demarie farm with a focus on the environment: they use only renewable energy, some self-generated with solar panels, geothermal and biomass boiler, and they filter the winery’s wastewater through a natural phyto-purification system.

Paolo Demarie - Demarie Farm
Paolo Demarie – owner of the company

Production includes all 3 of the area’s noble wines: Barolo DOCG, Barbaresco DOCG, and Roero DOCG, as well as a couple of goodies such assparkling vinified Arneis and a sparkling Pet Nat. Tasting side goes a bit out of the box: in addition to the usual 3- and 5-label offerings, we find in fact 4 particularly original proposals:

  • A Vertical on Nebbiolo
  • A vertical on Arneis (the typical white wine of Langhe and Roero).
  • A vertical of great vintages
  • And above all, a blind tasting (and here, I guarantee you, the fun is guaranteed)

I recommend Demarie for those looking for a slightly more stylish, cutting-edge winery.

Cà Neuva

Founded in the early 1900s by Nonno Celso, the winery is run by Silvia and Sergio Abbona, true pillars of Doglianese winemaking.

Every time I visit them, I feel like I am going back to my grandparents’ farmstead and reliving a farming world that is almost disappearing from our hills.

Sergio Abbona - Cà Neuva
Sergio Abbona – Owner of Cà Neuva

In terms of labels, the winery produces Dogliani DOCG (a Dolcetto-based red) in two different declinations, without missing Nebbiolo, Barolo and a classic method bubbly.

As for the tasting, the proposal is unique: a very rich winery apericena, in which you will be guided on a sensory journey among the different flavors of the Langhetta tradition.

I recommend Cà Neuva to those looking for a warm, family-friendly environment.

Complete packages

If one or more tastings are not enough, you can also rely on our all-inclusive packages, which allow you in one purchase to take home a stay with tastings, restaurant lunches , and more :-)

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