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The Perfect Gift 6 reasons why gifting a bottle of wine is brilliant

December 4, 2023

At Christmas there are some people (like me) who dread the choice of gifts, and put it off from day to day until it is too late.

It’s really hard to choose the “right” gift, especially when you have to give it to someone you don’t know too well, such as a colleague, boss, or friend’s girlfriend.

I have discovered over the years that there is a cure-all gift against all gift-giving ills, a gift that always works…

But I want to confide something to you: I have discovered in recent years that there is a panacea gift against all gift-giving ills, a gift that always works: wine.

Below are the thoughts I have accrued, as to why giving wine as a gift is really a great idea.

#1 – Hardly left to gather dust

You know when you give that “amazing” sweater to a friend and then you never see it on her-that’s when the afterthought and paranoia that you got the gift wrong kicks in.

How many disappointments I gave my grandmothers!

Hand knitted sweater with reindeer and Christmas trees? No thanks.

With wine, on the other hand, you go pretty safe: it is a product that is easily consumed and it is very rare to meet a person who just NEVER drinks it-or who doesn’t have friends who drink it.

With wine you go for sure: it is easily consumed on any occasion, and even non-drinkers have at least a few friends who appreciate a good glass.

During the holidays then (such as Christmas or Easter) there are continuous opportunities to have a drink or two: more or less official lunches and dinners, aperitifs, the gift exchange night.

Hardly, then, will your gift be left to gather dust on a shelf, unless it was meant to do just that, like a bottle of 1990 Barolo ;-).

#2 – It’s convivial

Wine is usually drunk in company: what better gift to celebrate a long-standingfriendship?

In Italy we say “Anyone who does not drink in company is either a thief or a spy”

Besides, it may be that wine warms the body and spirit, it may be that after a couple of glasses (be sure to drink wisely!) it makes everyone more jolly, but having a bottle on the table always adds that extra touch of conviviality.

I like the idea that my gift can be used to celebrate the best moments we spend with our friends or family.

#3 – You leave a good impression

Wine is a swanky product, but it is not at all snobbish and fits into any situation: it will surely make you look good on any occasion.

Me, when I arrive at a dinner party with a bottle of wine.

Besides, unlike other swanky products, like perfume for example, it is a much less risky purchase: getting a wine right is easy, getting a perfume right… not so much.

When buying, inform yourself about the history and characteristics of the wine you are giving: who produced it, where and how, and what it goes with.

Minimum risk and maximum return then!

Finally, showing up with a bottle of wine in your hand immediately gives you the charm of the coinessour and the air of a worldly man (or woman): your vanity will certainly be rewarded.

But be sure to inquire during your purchase about the history and characteristics of the wine you are giving away: who produced it, where and how, and what it goes with.

You will then also have a fascinating story to tell as you deliver the precious present.

#4 – There is something for every budget.

If budget is an issue, wine offers possibilities (including prestige) for all budgets.

Come on, you can definitely do better than that

For 15-20€ you can take home a quality DOC or DOCG bottle, handcrafted and with a story to tell.

With 30-40€ you can buy a bottle of a prestigious wine, such as Barolo or Barbaresco.

And if you have the opportunity to go and buy it directly from the winery , the prices drop even further.

#5 – It can be valuable…

On the other hand, if you are suffering from delusions of grandeur and like to give precious and very expensive gifts (it happens to me from time to time), moving into the wine field you cannot go wrong.

Among great reds, prestigious bubbles and vintage wines, there is no shortage of choice. Here in the Langhe we have Barolo and Barbaresco for example.

Wine can be a prestigious gift

If you want to stay domestic, there are Brunello and Sassicaia in Tuscany and Amarone in Veneto.

Not to mention the productions of our transalpine brethren, who with Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux condense into your bottle a tradition that is more than a century old.

Therefore, there is no shortage of possibilities for making the recipient of your gift experience a princely evening.

…and long-lasting

Some wines then, if you choose the type and vintage correctly, can be aged for dozens and dozens of years.

They are perfect to give as gifts for anniversaries and birthdays, or to special people who can keep it for a long time and then uncork it on an equally special occasion.

#6 – And if it really goes wrong for you … it can be recycled easily.

If you really didn’t get it right, don’t worry: for the reasons listed above, wine is a 100 percent recyclable gift.

Illustration of gifts to recycle and reuse
Respect the environment – recycle gifts you don’t use

Even if the person to whom you gave it doesn’t drink wine, opportunities to “dump it” at a dinner party will certainly not be lacking.

The difference being that in this case the usual feelings of guilt will not arise: after all, it is putting your gift to good use:-)