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The farm of the Porello family was founded at the end of the 19th century in the municipality of Vezza d’Alba, the heart of Roero.

Like many realities in the area, production was initially concentrated near a farmhouse, known as the Valovera farmhouse; mainly peaches were grown, sold at the Racconigi market, cereals and fodder for the breeding of Piedmontese cattle and, to a minimum, grapes, destined for the production of wine for self-consumption.

It is in this scenario that the brothers Serafino and Carlo grew up, current owners of the Porello winery, who, driven by a strong desire for innovation, decided to focus on wine production; the two moved the company to a new facility in the municipality of Canale, keeping most of the vineyards at the old farmhouse and purchasing others near the new headquarters.

The brothers’ work continues today the philosophy handed down by the founders Armando and Camillo: “nature rewards us when we know how to respect it, so we need to be in tune, respect its rhythms, establish a deep bond with our beloved land, learn its secrets to get the best results “.

The Wines

The small size of the production allows the two brothers to take care of the entire production chain with care.

Good wine is made in the vineyard from healthy grapes with unique organoleptic characteristics.

To make sure of this, Carlo and Serafino take care of each row individually, making sure to make the right dosage of cow manure according to the needs of each plant and correctly managing the processes: balanced pruning, meticulous management of the greenery, selection of the grapes for the harvest.

Following these practices, grapes are obtained with perfect ripeness and an excellent balance of all components (sugars, aromas and perfumes, tannins), fundamental characteristics for obtaining a quality must, and consequently an excellent wine.

The vinification is carried out exclusively with grapes from the estate’s vineyards, divided between Bricco Tanone, Bricco Rossano, Bricco Pessiera Grande, Bricco Varej and Bricco Martin.

The wines: bottled or in bulk

The production includes the traditional wines of the area, available both in bottles and in demijohns.

The choice of bulk wine refers to a common ritual in these hills, that is to buy the wine in demijohn and then pour it into your own bottles, usually before Easter.

It is a moment of celebration: while it is being bottled you have the opportunity to better grasp all the organoleptic characteristics, the aromas that the wine releases into the surrounding environment.

Produced Wines

Vino Bianco da tavola
Vino Rosso da tavola:
da uve Nebbiolo
da uve Barbera
da uve Dolcetto

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Canale e Vezza d'Alba

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Visits & Tastings

Vineyards, walks and picnics: a journey to discover the Porello family and Roero wines

The Porello family always welcomes visitors with enthusiasm, inviting them to discover the wines produced in the small cellar, uncorking a few bottles together and talking about the winemaking process and the magic behind their work.

It is very important, however, that the visit is booked: since it is a small family-run business, it can happen that everyone is at work in the vineyard!

The types of visits

Tasting of 4 wines in the cellar → € 15.00 per person

Tasting of 4 wines, paired with typical local products, with an explanation of the production choices and company philosophy. On request it is possible to closely observe the vineyards with a short walk.

Walk in the vineyard and Picnic tasting → € 60.00 per person

Weather permitting, it is possible to extend the walk and taste the wines outdoors, in the context of a pleasant picnic in nature.

The activity is designed for two people and includes: a picnic basket, a blanket, two glass goblets, compostable cutlery and napkins, a bottle of water, a bottle of your choice of white or red and a selection of Roero products based on seasonality.

The outing allows you to enjoy a still wild landscape characterized by woods, centuries-old trees, steep hills, valleys and sometimes narrow and rugged paths. Halfway through the route we stop at the panoramic point, where you will be given a brief introduction to the characteristics of the soil and its interaction with wild herbs.


max 10 people

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Tasting Price

Starting at 15€


In spring let us guide you to discover the wild herbs of the Roero, and create your own herbarium.

The cellar offers the possibility, in spring, to get lost in a short journey to discover edible wild herbs and create a small herbarium.

It is a once popular custom in the Roero hills, known today as “foraging”: the soil of this land is in fact rich in plants with a delicious flavor, which thanks to a few tricks can become excellent ingredients for traditional dishes.

In fact, once upon a time it was customary to collect what the territory offered without the need to exploit acres and acres of monoculture, preserving biodiversity and enjoying the true value of nature.

Even today, the Porello family continues the tradition of their ancestors: during the spring on their tables there is never a shortage of salads with sarset, sainfoin, red clover, poppy, luvertin omelettes, and stewed dandelions.

Cooking lesson

Starting from spring 2022 there will be another proposal for visitors to the Porello winery: a home cooking course, suitable for even inexperienced chefs.

The lesson includes the preparation of traditional Piedmontese dishes with seasonal vegetables and fruit; the cost of the activity includes a recipe book, aprons supplied and lunch with cooked dishes.

Lavander field

At the Valovera farmhouse, a typical Roero farmhouse dating back to 1800, the family has built a lavander field. Guests have the opportunity to live a unique experience: a table and a bench have been placed right in the center of this wonder, to allow them to immerse themselves in the greenery, surrounded by a scent that intoxicates the mind and promotes a broad regeneration of the mood and spirit.

Prices & Services

Visit a small family-run business and discover the wines of Roero

Types of visits

  • Tasting of 4 wines in the cellar → € 15.00 per person
  • Walk in the vineyard and Picnic tasting → € 60.00 per person
  • Path of discovery of wild herbs → € 40.00 per person
  • Cooking lesson (coming soon) → € 100.00 per person with water and coffee included, wine not included


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Porello Serafino e Carlo

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