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The vineyards are located around the winery in the Valdibà hamlet, an old renovated Langa farmhouse that preserves the look of the ancient rural tradition.

The itinerary that allows you to reach the company from both the high Langa and neighboring countries such as Barolo and Monforte allows you to enjoy the evocative panorama that the area offers in every season.

The company is associated with the Bottega del Vino in Dogliani, a consortium for the protection and promotion of the Dogliani Docg appellation producers.

The Dogliani DOCG and the produced wines

The production area is that of the Dogliani DOCG which Valdibà also proposes in the Superiore version.

Dogliani Superiore DOCG Valdibacco

Its ruby color with violet notes, aromas of wild berries and fruit in syrup makes it suitable for game dishes, braised meats, aged cheeses and even a good extra dark bitter chocolate.

This wine is to be considered the company’s flagship wine.

The tour of the winery

During the walk, the territory, the company and the history of the family are introduced.

The visit and tasting are conducted in person by the owners.

In fact, the Pecchenino family has always made of quality and of the direct relationship with visitors a fundamental characteristic.



Events at Valdibà

  • 01 Jun 14 Sep

    Una splendida esperienza enogastronomica da non perdere con visita in cantina, aperitivo e cena per scoprire l'autenticità delle Langhe

  • 10 Jul 15 Jul

    Una delle più importanti collezioni d’Europa di fossili di cetacei in mostra per la prima volta nel suggestivo scenario dell’Ex Chiesa del Gesù di Asti, per stupire e meravigliare soprattutto i più piccoli

  • 11 Jul 16 Jul

    Per la mostra Daniele de Lorenzo ha scelto cinque tele che sono collegate a tre discipline: Letteratura, Musica e Pittura, rispettivamente rappresentate dai volti di Italo Calvino, Lucio Battisti, Franco Battiato, Brian Eno e Gerhard Richter.

  • 11 Jul 15 Jul

    In mostra le suggestive sculture Eva Antonini in argilla che hanno visto diverse esposizioni internazionali e ricevendo importanti riconoscimenti, tra cui il Premio di Scultura da Artemilano nel 2018.

Valdibà - Azienda Agricola a Dogliani

A story that
begins in 1920

in Dogliani

A story that dates back a hundred years and began with the grandfather of the current owners

The Valdibà Company was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Attilio Pecchenino, Enrico's father and grandfather of the current owners Vincenzo and Livio.

Enrico Pecchenino is still an active part of the company in the production activities.

It is a small family-run business located in a part of the Langa area where woods and hazelnut crops coexist alongside the vineyards.

Since 1986 the company has converted to certified organic farming.

Vinification is planned from the vineyard, believing in the potential of a cultivated vineyard and respecting the natural cycles.

Respect for these principles allows to safeguard the environment and the health of the consumer and those who cultivate it.

The Wines

Natural, biological and traditional wines

Of the 23 hectares of cultivated land, 12 are dedicated to vineyards.

The Valdibà farm produces grapes and wines from organic farming, combining ancient and traditional cultivation methods with cutting-edge techniques with attention to consumer health.

The Dolcetto vine

The Dolcetto vine, from which the Dogliani DOCG is born, produces delicate berries, so the work in the vineyard of pruning and thinning is extremely delicate.

The midday sun must not directly hit the grapes so the external leaves must be kept as shelter, being careful to thin out the internal ones that can preserve traces of humidity.

The other wines of the production

The production is completed by: Dogliani DOCG, Langhe Dolcetto, Langhe Bianco, Langhe Freisa, Langhe Nas-cëtta DOC and a rosé wine.

Nas-cëtta is a rare native vine rediscovered in recent years: Valdibà pays tribute with its special interpretation.

In the cellar it is possible to taste all the wines of the production indicated on the side.



Produced Wines

Dogliani DOCG Cin, Dogliani Superiore DOCG Valdibacco, Langhe Dolcetto Bric, Langhe Bianco Da Ricu, Langhe Freisa Utin Sentiero, Langhe Nas-cëtta DOC Ada, Vino Rosato

Vineyards Extension

22 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location


Agricultural Method


Visits & Tastings

In the summer, the tasting can be done outdoors with a panoramic view and on the rows

The tour, on request and in the right season, starts with a walk through the rows.

Here they’ll talk about the company history and the territory in which it is inserted, sustainability and the activities carried out in the vineyard.

A rapid passage in the production rooms: a single building divided into the fermentation and maturation room and the warehouse, bottling and labeling room.

The tasting

The rectangular table is able to seat about 15 people, but with advance notice it is possible to organize more numerous tastings.

It is possible to taste all the wines of the production accompanied by tastings of local cheeses and cured meats useful for discovering some interesting combinations.

The complete tasting costs € 15.00 per person and includes:

  • Dogliani DOCG Cin
  • Dogliani Superiore DOCG Valdibacco
  • Langhe Dolcetto Bric
  • Langhe Bianco Da Ricu
  • Langhe Freisa Utin Sentiero
  • Langhe Nas-cëtta DOC Ada
  • Vino Rosato


max 15 people

Visit Duration

1h 30 minuti massimo



Tasting Price

Starting at 15€

Prices & Services

Useful information and sales prices in the cellar

sales prices in the cellar

  • Dogliani DOCG Superiore Valdibacco - 6,00 €
  • Dogliani DOCG Cin - 5,00 €
  • Langhe Dolcetto Bric - 3,00 €
  • Langhe Bianco Da Ricu - 5,00 €
  • Langhe Freisa Utin Sentiero - 5,00 €
  • Langhe Nas-cëtta DOC Ada - 7,00 €
  • Vino Rosato - 3,00 €

More information

  • Free interpreter on request
  • It is also possible to purchase it in a carboy
  • Products can be shipped directly to the chosen destination
  • For the visit in other foreign languages it is possible to request the interpreter (service to be quoted separately)
  • Remember to report any food intolerances


The complete tasting costs € 15.00 and includes:

  • Dogliani DOCG Cin
  • Dogliani DOCG Superiore Valdibacco
  • Langhe Dolcetto Bric
  • Langhe Bianco Da Ricu
  • Langhe Freisa Utin Sentiero
  • Langhe Nas-cëtta DOC Ada
  • Vino Rosato

Accompanying small tasting of cold cuts and local cheeses.


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41 Reg. Valdiba', Dogliani, CN 12063, 12063 Dogliani CN, Italia
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