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Matteo Morra has long-standing experience both in Italy and abroad, and after his success as personal Chef and the opening of the “Al Paese di Fiaba” restaurant in Sommariva Bosco, he decided to move over to the relais Limax Acis in Cherasco.

The Restaurant Room

We find ourselves in a relais which is decorated in a modern style while respecting the building’s traditional features.

Large windows, soft lighting, elegant round tables and original apertures such as the glass holders vat create a unique environment: all to be fully admired.

The Cuisine

The preparation of the dishes begins with goods from local producers, which Matteo meets personally and chooses only fresh and high quality raw materials.

The chef offers an express cuisine, where the dishes are finalized on the spot and the waiting-time for each order depends on the food’s cooking time: pasta, bread, breadsticks and small pastries are prepared daily on site.

The Menu

In addition to the à la carte dishes, you can choose to order the traditional tasting menu (The territory) or the vegetarian menu (The vegetables).

For surprise lovers, however, there is the possibility to choose “La Cucina di Matteo“, a creative menu consisting of 6 courses carefully prepared by Chef Matteo Morra.


Wine list

The wine list was created by Matteo, a great lover of wine, along with the restaurant’s maître Andrea.

Here too they decided to try in person the products being offered, so as to provide the best recommendations and pairings. With this in mind, even the Champagne included in the wine list was preceded by a visit to the producer’s wineries.

There are also roughly 300 labels available, the majority of which are linked to the territory and focused on wines such as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Barolo. And of course we also have wines from outside the region itself and a rich selection of spirits.

Morra Restaurant

Via La Morra, 55, 12062 Cherasco, CN, Italia

Business Hours

12.15 → 14:30
19.30 → 22.15

Closing Day



July 18 — July 27

Special Dish

Veal cheek

N° Seats


Menu Price


Wine by the glass



Pets Allowed WiFi Parking Lot

Accepted Payments

Visa / Cartasi Mastercard American Express


The menu’s dishes follow the seasonality of raw materials and availability of products.

The following are some examples:

Local Menu 45,00€*

Veal with tuna sauce
Ravioli del Plin with alpine butter, rosemary and hazelnuts
Braised veal cheek with Nebbiolo, cruncy potatoes and a sause of mustard and honey
Thyme panna cotta, with chestnuts crumble and lemon cream

Vegetarian Menu 40,00€*

Tartrà with leeks from Cervere, quail eggs and a cream of cow’s milk
Plin of Seirass, Alpine butter and thyme
Soft egg, Jerusalem artichokes and Roccaverano cheese
Hazelnut parfait with dark chocolate dripping

*Prices exclude beverages.

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Morra Restaurant

Via La Morra, 55, 12062 Cherasco, CN, Italia

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