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Cascina Masueria Società Semplice Agricola di Masante Claudio e Masante Diego, Frazione Bruni, 18, 12060 Murazzano (Cuneo), Italia • Request a visit • Tel: +393386578740 / +393347182924 • Fax:-

A breathtaking 360° panoramic view from the 14th century tower in Murazzano. On one side we find the Langhe and the Alpine mountain chain, while on the other the sea can be seen on clear days.

In this setting of complete tranquility, Cascina Masueria is a must visit for tourists and food enthusiasts alike.

The 10 hectares of hazelnut groves produce Langa specialties that are envied all over the world such as the famous IGP trilobata hazelnut and hazelnut cream made via processing of raw material.

Visits to the company

Immersed in green surroundings and a relaxing environment, Cascina Masueria is the ideal destination for a trip with the family or friends.

Children can have fun outdoors in a safe area during the company visit, which will keep the adults busy for roughly an hour.

Welcoming receptions and tastings are carried out directly by the owners, brothers Claudio and Diego Masante.

The company is small, actually quite small. There are two workshop-rooms used for processing of raw materials: the shelling room and the processing and packaging room.

Here the hazelnuts are toasted, then grain and flour are added, thus producing the hazelnut paste.

The creams

The Gianduja Cream and the Noir Fondente Cream are real specialties. These are spreadable products made with just 3 ingredientsPiemonte Hazelnut IGP (50%), brown sugar and skimmed cocoa powder.

The absence of milk, added fat and preservatives makes it a 100% natural product.

The best way to eat it is by spreading it on bread. The creams are also excellent as ingredients for sweets and pastries.

The hazelnuts

The visit continues among the hazelnuts located nearby the Company. Here you'll find plantations dated 2016 and others planted over 30 years ago.

When reproducing new plants, the root offshoots method is applied in order to obtain plants that have the same characteristics as the original strain.

The shoots, which are already partially lignified, are removed with a portion of their roots in autumn or spring and placed in a nursery with soft ground.  The plants are then transferred to the field.

There's Piedmont cattle breeding (60 heads) next to the Farmhouse, which can also be visited.

Markets and Fairs

Cascina Masueria takes part in sector fairs such as (Siegep Rimini, Cosmofood Vicenza) and local markets.

It also supplies the raw materials for ice cream parlors.

Where to buy

Products can be purchased directly at the Company and at the following local markets:

More info on tastings found in the Box below on the right.

Cascina Masueria - Gianduja Spreadable Cream


Business Hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm / from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Closing Day: -
Holidays: -

Email | Website
Tel: +393386578740 / +393347182924
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Request a visit

Use the module below to request a visit at Cascina Masueria

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Use the relevant form to book your visit! Reservations are always appreciated and allow us to welcome you in the best possible way.

The visit lasts roughly 1 hour. Groups of maximum 10 people.

You can request the tasting in a foreign language, with prior notice.

The tasting session costs € 5,00. You’ll taste the following products accompanied by bread and bread-sticks.

  • Gianduja Cream/ Noir Fondente Cream – gr. 280 : € 7,50;
  • Gianduja Cream / Noir Fondente Cream – gr. 380 : € 9,50;
  • Toasted Hazelnuts – gr. 200: € 4,50;
  • Toasted Hazelnuts – gr. 500: € 11,00;
  • Hazelnut Paste – gr. 200g: € 5,00.

Please remember to mention any food allergies.

Shipped throughout all of Europe.


Cascina Masueria Società Semplice Agricola di Masante Claudio e Masante Diego

Address: Frazione Bruni, 18, 12060 Murazzano (Cuneo), Italia

Business Hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm / from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Closing Day: -
Holidays: -

Email | Website
Tel: +393386578740 / +393347182924
Fax: -











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