Pezzolo Valle Uzzone

Pezzolo is a nice and quiet town in the Uzzone river valley. The most interesting historical traces are in the highest quartiers, on the hill that divides the valley from Liguria.

You cannot miss the little Gorrino village, gathered around its medieval castle. Famous is the village of Todocco, where is a famous sanctuary. It is said to have been built in the place where the Virgin was seen by a child, and cured her. Many pilgrims visit the sanctuary, because of the pleasant view and the walks.

The patronal fair, dedicated to the Virgin, is held in Todocco on the second Sunday in July; the town’s patronal fair is held on the second Sunday in August.

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Gorrino village

Gorrino, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone CN, Italia
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The church of san Sebastiano

Via Roma, 6, 12074 Bergolo CN, Italia
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San Frontiniano’s Church

Chiesa di San Frontiniano, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Arguello, Province of Cuneo, Italy
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Gottasecca: the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary

Via Ravina, 12070 Gottasecca CN, Italia
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Route of Cesare Pavese in Santo Stefano Belbo

Via Stazione, 32A, 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo CN, Italia
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