High Langa

The church of the Battuti

in Bonvicino

BonvicinoThe little church, once owned by the “batù” (beaten) brotherhood, stands in the town square, right in front of the parish church. It’s typical of the Langhe to have brotherhoods – laic organizations, created by the people, providing assistance and help – side by side with the official religious hierarchy.

The building was until recently used as a storehouse: a recent restoring project foresees the substitution of the iron portal with a more appropriate wooden one; the facade, similar to the one of the facing parish church, will be restored in its characteristic shape.

The little church is now used for cultural happenings, little exhibitions and concerts.

The chapel of saint Martin of Lignera

SP439, 6, 12079 Lignera CN, Italia
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Albaretto: the tower

Via Castello, 8, 12050 Albaretto della Torre, CN, Italia
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