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B. Langhe Piedmont’s Sweets Specialties

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Can a territory’s sweetness be described? This is the mission of B. Langhe which, through the art of pastry-making, intends to contribute to the consolidated reputation of the Langhe area, a land of excellent products, known for its harmony and traditional knowledge.

Since 1977, starting from a small family-run biscuit factory, the workshop has continued to grow and develop, transforming Piedmont’s great raw materials into high-level pastries.

Today, the centre of their world is still Alba, the food and wine heart of the Langhe, where they established almost half a century ago and where they still conduct business today. However, their market is expanding world-wide thanks to their winning attitude: following the furrow of tradition while grasping innovation.

Thus, an exclusive line of confectionery specialties was born, inspired by the pure pleasure of creative artisan pastry: “Tarocco”, sweet truffles, cuneesi, hazelnut cakes, panettone and much more.

Can a territory’s sweetness be described?


The delicious fruit of what is beautiful: let yourself be pampered in choosing these delicious cuddles

Tarocco, an original recipe

The Alba “Tarocco” is proposed as a completely original recipe: a cocoa and hazelnut paste with a unique consistency. The external shape is compact like an ingot; the substance, hidden under a sprinkle of cocoa, has a rare consistency, in which the incredibly rich hazelnut oils make it a cake that is always ready to melt gently.

Tartufi Dolci, Langhe sweet truffles

The sweet truffles are created by combining chocolate and Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts from Piedmont. The two main ingredients, protagonists of the Piedmont confectionery tradition, merge into a soft dough whose shape recalls the precious subterranean mushroom from which it takes its name.

Cuneesi, Piedmont’s emblematic recipe

The subtle crispiness of the dark chocolate shell is the most sought after secret of one of the emblematic recipes of Piedmont’s confectionery art; its heart is made of a sot cream and intense flavours. Each Cuneese encloses its character: classic Rum, fresh hazelnuts and aromatic Barolo Chinato.


In guaranteeing its products, B.Langhe obtained the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification, a specific global standard for the safety of agri-food products, which has the aim of certifying that a company is capable of ensuring both the quality and the safety of the products being offered to its customers.

And then more...

A selection that satisfies all tastes, all ages, with healthy and selected ingredients

Pan di Langa, the unfailing hazelnut cakes

When tradition is combined with the inventiveness and the ancient recipes preserved in the Langhe’s popular knowledge, they blend the authenticity of raw materials and creative flair allowing the B. Langhe cakes to take shape. This unfailing classic of the Piedmont gastronomic tradition has an added touch, with chocolate chips.

Capricci, almonds and citrus fruits

Soft almond-flavoured wafers, scrupulously put together by hand, along with some fresh white fruit-flavoured chocolate. These are the Capricci by B. Langhe, a treat to be enjoyed particularly during the summer, so as to fully savour the liveliness of orange, lemon, berries, apricot and peach and the persistent naturalness of almonds.

Panettone, the great Christmas classic

The B.Langhe Panettoni take shape through slow processing, following traditional methods. The completely natural leavening provides the ideal softness to the dough, which is enriched with candied fruit, raisins, chocolate chips and other variants.


Are you a sweets and pastries enthusiast? B.Langhe's blog keeps you updated with curiosities, recipes, suggestions and much more.

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