Wandering in Langa

5 romantic things to do in the Langhe for Valentine's day

February 4, 2016

A few days ago Federica told us that Wine, if used wisely, can be an aphrodisiac ingredient for your “dinner of lovers”.

I’d like to add that a stroll, somewhere particularly evocative, can help you prepare and warm the spirit of the evening.

These suggestions apply to both those who are on holiday in the Langhe, and the “local people” who perhaps haven’t yet explored all that can be explored.

A stroll to the Cedro (Cedar tree)

For years, a walk up to the Cedro was a pastime activity that characterized the nights of the young people living in the area, which in the past had little to do during the evenings.

Today the short walk is an interesting stop for lovers looking for inspiration: the huge tree was in fact planted in 1856, to seal the love between Costanzo Falletti and Eulaia Della Chiesa.

A love that was meant to be solid and deep-rooted, just like the Cedro, which lives to pass on the memory of the couple, an indelible mark (at least until someone places a vineyard there) of the strength of this relationship.

A walk in the Bosco dei Pensieri (the Forest of Thoughts)


If you’re looking for a snug and intimate place where to go for a walk, you can follow the trail of the Bosco dei Pensieri in Fontanafreddathe last forest to remain intact in the Lower Langa which has been besieged by the “Barolo fever.”

Among centuries-old plants and hazelnut trees, tightly embraced by vineyards, the trail is divided into twelve stages, dedicated to themes such as “Silence”, “Thought”, “Contemplation” and so forth.

And if it’s a gloomy day, you can always fall back on a visit to the historic wine cellars of Fontanafredda

At the Belvedere to enjoy the marvelous panorama


If contemplation is your cup of tea, you can bring your loved one to one of the many scenic spots found in our area.

And if the Langhe winter landscape doesn’t have the same charm as its lush summer, not to worry, because what’s lacking in rich vegetation is made up by a wonderful atmosphere.

With a little luck you’ll be able to enjoy a view of the hills, terraces and castles, all brushed by the light mist that rises from freshly plowed fields.

One of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints is Verduno, which allows your eye to wander all the way to towns like Serravalle and Roddino in Alta Langa. From here you can hop over to the Pelaverga wine shop, just on the other side of the piazza, to taste a glass of wine of Pelaverga, which is a local specialty, or to sip on a glass of warm liqueur.

Alternatively, nearby you’ll find the La Morra panoramic viewpoint, the highest town in the Lower Langa, whose lovely panorama is just as beautiful as Verduno’s.

After a short walk in town, if you feel like it, you can go down to Barolo and pay a visit to the Sylla Sebaste  winery or the Francesco Borgogno winery, to have a little aperitif and enjoy a glass of Barolo DOCG

Taking a walk in Neive



Neive has been declared one of the 10 most beautiful towns in Italy, and it definitely deserves this acknowledgment.

The town’s historic center is in fact perfectly preserved, with its medieval buildings wisely restored, and many small bars and places to drink a glass of wine (or hot chocolate, given the season).

The narrow streets, the buildings, small churches and squares that characterize this town help to create an intimate and evocative atmosphere, ideal for an afternoon stroll.

And if you just don’t feel like cooking…


And if cooking is the last thing on your mind, but you still want to give your loved one a special experience, why not try having dinner in a wine cellar? (page available only in Italian)

Let yourself be pampered by a chef, who will be at your complete disposal for the occasion, and revered by a sommelier who will select the best wines for you. You can live a unique experience and have an exclusive dinner, surrounded by barrels where the Langa’s great wines rest as they age.