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Wine - weapon of seduction Journey through Chemistry & Imagery

February 8, 2024
Wine corks arranged in heart shape

As Valentine’s Day approaches, established couples are looking for the perfect gift, while those who have yet to solidify their conquests are looking for that secret weapon that will enable them to win the heart of their beloved or loved one.

If you’re looking for something that can turn even a simple romantic dinner into a “high-voltage” situation, don’t underestimate the aphrodisiac properties of wine.

Indeed, the seductive power of this noble beverage has been known for thousands of years, and poets and philosophers of all ages have always extolled its aphrodisiac properties-there is no better holiday to prove this theory!

Let’s start with science

Although science has not proven its true aphrodisiac powers, there are some chemical properties of the delicious nectar that have invigorating effects on our bodies.

For example, perhaps not everyone knows that red wine contains an antioxidant substance, resveratrol, which promotes blood fluidity and, as a result, produces positive effects on libido.

The resveratrol formula – the friend of libido

Unfortunately, however, despite numerous studies on the subject, scientists have not been able to go beyond this simple observation.

But then why is it that since ancient times this drink was considered a real catalyst for our passions?

Ovid already taught us that:

Wine disposes man to love and makes him ready for passion

OvidioArs Amatoria

And, if the poet’s words do not lie, perhaps we can find out more about its aphrodisiac potential by abandoning chemical analysis, and trying to turn our gaze elsewhere…

The power of imagination

We know that desire can have a chemical nature, but its genesis is very often psychological in origin: there is a chemistry of love, which is not synthesized in the laboratory, but created in our heads.

And probably the aphrodisiac properties of wine should be sought in its power to create very strong images in our minds.

White wines

Let us think of a glass of bubbly: how many images is it capable of calling to our mind?

In our imagination we inevitably link Champagne to festive moments, often with spicy backstories…

Instrument of seduction par excellence in numerous historical films, such as Casablanca or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or in the numerous 007s, where the famous secret agent cleverly enlists the help of French bubbles to seduce maidens of all nationalities, in the most diverse situations.

In our imagination we inevitably link Champagne to festive moments, often with spicy backstories…

Even Napoleon was seduced by it, so much so that he could not resist the courtships of the widow Cliquot Ponsardin, noble yes, but not even that attractive, who took him by the throat by offering him the much-vaunted bubbly.

Red wines

Let’s leave the whites aside for a moment, and look instead at the reds: their regal hues call to mind passion, the softness of velvet, enveloping us like a warm embrace…

…a glass of Dom Perignon is not enough to turn us into a Connery or a Hepburn….

It is said that Cleopatra’s lovers used to pay homage to her with a red, sweet, raisin wine called “Vinum Acquense,” perhaps the progenitor of today’s Brachetto: the fiery hue and sugary smoothness created an evidently irresistible mix that awakened the ardors of the beautiful princess.

But of course it’s not only about colors, but also about smells, tastes and gestures: a glass of Dom Perignon is not enough to turn us into a Connery or a Hepburn…

The class

Wine helps to seduce, as long as you know how to create the right atmosphere: candles, a beautiful table, soft lighting…

Don’t forget the dishes, just a few, but better if made with special ingredients and, why not, aphrodisiacs, for a finale with fireworks: guaranteed result if you know how to enhance the flavors by pairing them with the right wines.

Photo credit: marijasrats

And again, don’t underestimate how to serve them, mind you, always with elegance, and to know how to tell them as you pour them, perhaps mentioning the anecdotes mentioned above or the thousands of other legends related to the world of wine and passion.

In short, you yourself will spice up the encounter, but be careful not to overdo it: wine arouses desire but hinders its implementation.

And if, by chance, the evening proves to be a flop, the wines you have chosen for your dinner will still prove to be a good medium with which to drown the sorrows of love!

The perfect pairing of wines and aphrodisiac dishes

We have prepared for you a selection of wines to pair with ‘high voltage’ recipes for your Valentine’s Day.

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Thanks to Lorenzo Tablino, who was able to guide us on this journey through tastes and legends.