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Picnic: tips from the chefs of Langhe and Roero

May 24, 2024
picnic in vigna

Imagine being in the rolling hills of the Langhe and Roero, among vineyards as far as the eye can see, lush forests and historic villages that look like something out of a painting.

Now, add to this enchanting scenery a picnic, all the better if gourmet: a culinary experience that combines the beauty of nature with the sophistication of Piedmontese cuisine.

The gourmet picnic

In a gourmet picnic, every element, from the food to the location, is designed to create a unique experience.

We are not talking about the usual sandwich with a small bottle of water, but a real meal with attention to detail.

What to put in the basket then?

To organize a perfect gourmet picnic in the Langhe and Roero, it is essential to select high quality local products.

Don’t forget the wine!

For this reason, we enlisted the help of some chefs from Langhe and Roero, who offered their advice for an unforgettable picnic!

We would like to thank Francesca from Il Banchetto restaurant in Novello, Gabriele from Trattoria Belvedere Roero in Monteu Roero, and Paola from Osteria dei Babi in Canale for the exquisite insights they gave us!

What are the perfect dishes to compose an ideal gourmet picnic basket?

ANDREA — As a picnic idea, based on our preparations, veal tonnato served in a focaccia or sandwich comes to mind.

Baked pasta also has its uses, but you would have to eat it hot, so it may be better to opt for simpler and more practical options.

So, green light to cheeses, which are always a good idea, either au naturel or as a base for some mouth-watering dish: at this time in the restaurant we serve the Toumin dal mel and the Castelmagno, if you want to go for something more mature.

Hazelnut cake
Hazelnut cake

To end on a sweet note, I propose the hazelnut cake classic, or a spoon dessert such as strawberry Bavarian cream, easily transportable even in a cooler, which absolutely cannot be missed by a bottle of bubbles, such asAlta Langa DOCG, or Roero Arneis.

Still talking about wine, if one were to opt for a red, I think a Nebbiolo that has not aged in wood is ideal.

paola — We would propose an onion omelet, simple but impressive.

Then of course, being Piedmontese, the vitello tonnato cannot be missed!

Veal tonnato is a traditional Piedmontese dish

As a tasty appetizer, a giardiniera made with a nice mix of seasonal vegetables or the classic stuffed eggs; but since we are from Canale, rabbit with roasted vegetables would be great!

For dessert we recommend strawberries with Birbet (a partially fermented must made from Brachetto grapes) or even plain or a tart!

francesca – Mainly appetizers come to mind: a small salad of Piedmontese toma cheese with celery and walnuts or a small salad of chanterelle, with a touch of ginger, which makes it even fresher!

Toma is the Langa cheese par excellence

To top it off, tart with berries and, why not, a glass of wine to make the picnic even more chic.

These dishes can be safely eaten under the woods of Novello, where there are also many trails perfect for a gourmet stop.