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Mango is a small town in the center of the Moscato DOCG wine production area, dominated by the castle, location of the Moscato Regional Enoteca.

Just outside the town is the Miellò Company, run by Fausto Torchio and his wife Enrica.

In addition to bees and beehives, the owners take care of the processing, packaging and distribution of honey and derived products.

The company was founded about 10 years ago as a hobby, and thanks to its small size, here you can find quality products.

The farm

The bee breeding is sedentary, different from that of nomads occupying an area only for some important flowering.

Miellò now has about 130 beehives or bee families for a production of about 4 tons of honey / year.

Apiaries are located in the municipality of Mango near wooded areas.

The honey produced is natural and all the processing phases are carried out on the farm with total respect for bees and the environment.

Therefore, stimulating or medicinal products are not used.


Family-run bee products

Our company produces different qualities of honey and beehive products that can be purchased directly at the farm.

Linden honey from the house of Cesare Pavese: made from old linden trees that can give exceptional products. Honey is excellent to mix with herbal teas for the prevention of seasonal ailments, it has a strong and distinct aftertaste, almost balsamic.

Acacia honey: classic product, perhaps the most sought after, clear, delicate and sweet.

Millefiori: fragrant honey with a bitter aftertaste.

Chestnut honey: a strong product, the most suitable to be paired with cheese and salami dishes.

Honeydew or wood honey: honeydew is an important resource for the maintenance of bees, especially in areas where nectar sources are scarce or in those periods of the year, July and August, in which the blooms are already finished.

It is a product recognized for its antibiotic power.

Other products

A successful product born from the collaboration with Distilleria Beccaris is the Linden honey grappa.

It is also possible to buy operculum wax for cosmetic use (hands, face, lips), individual or packaged candles, raw wax for food use and propolis.

Honey production

4 tons / year

Number of families


Visits & Tastings

The suitable period for the company visit is from March to October

The duration is normally about 2h30 minutes, but can be adapted to the needs of the client.

The cost is € 15.00 per person and includes:

  • presentation and visit to the processing rooms and illustration of the working processes
  • visits to the apiaries, teaching on the ‘apiculture
  • opening of houses with demonstration of frames and work of bees
  • honey tasting in a special tasting room that can accommodate around 20 people.

With advance booking you can participate in the honey extraction. Most enthusiasts can request the full day in the company with participation in all activities and family lunch.

Hours: 9.00 → 18.00. Price: € 40.00.

Protective overalls provided.


max 20 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 15.00€

Overnight stay and education

Discover our additional services

Overnight stay

The company has a double bedroom with a shared bathroom equipped for guests to stay overnight. Cost: € 30.00 including breakfast with local products.

Didactics for schools

It is possible to arrange teaching experiences at the production facility or at school with the use of a see through didactic hive.

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