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The Burlotto family has always had the dream of representing Barolo and making it known throughout the world.

The start of the project began in the early 1900s, when Andrea Burlotto, who was passionate about the vinification of this vine, took root in the Verduno territory and cultivated the first vines.

Not one, but four children followed him in this adventure: Gian Carlo, Francesco, Giacomo and Sergio each held a different role in the company, giving Cascina Massara the chance to grow.

Their Barolo, first vinified under the name of Andrea Burlotto, gained good visibility at fairs, tastings and new world markets.

In 2013, Gian Carlo, who specialized in working in the cellar, took it over with several vineyards, and with the help of his son Gianluca continued the production with the Cascina Massara brand, a name that has always been present in the family’s history.

To this day the Burlottos continue to believe in the potential of this fruit of the Langhe, and more precisely of the Crü Massara, their little corner of paradise in one of the best locations in the whole Barolo area.

The Wines

The vineyards

The Cascina Massara vineyards are all within the borders of the municipality of Verduno.

Ten hectares mainly planted with Nebbiolo (which then translates into the renowned Barolo), with the heart of production in the Massara crü, which is considered among the best in the area.

The soil, of calcareous-clayey origins, gives life to extremely aromatic clusters, which characters are transmitted in the wine giving a great sensorial complexity.

Work during the year is strictly manual and focused on obtaining quality from the first pruning passages.

The “King wine” they produce is characterized by strong aromas and flavors, with evolved and soft tannins. The important structure and the balance between the elements allow to enjoy it in a pleasant way from the first years of age.

Another part of the production are the vines of Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo (for the Nebbiolo Langhe), Pelaverga and Favorita. Discover all their products in the free visit to their company!

Produced Wines

Barolo DOCG, Nebbiolo Langhe DOC, Barbera d'Alba DOC "Riserva", Barbera d'Alba DOC, Dolcetto d'Alba DOC, Vino Rosso "Carlin", Verduno Pelaverga DOC, Langhe DOC Favorita

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10 Ha

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The cellar

Two factors characterize Cascina Massara: the bond with Verduno and their way of conceiving wine.

The two go hand in hand, the first led to the birth of the second: the territory to which they have always been linked is represented in their wines, which come to life in the cellar bearing witness to the precious terroir they have available.

To improve the work and quality of Barolo and other wines, since 2007 they have been working in the new cellar, built according to modern standards to better rationalize each step.

The spaces, developed on two floors, are composed of a wine-making, aging, bottling and storage department.

Barolo is aged in underground rooms where the natural temperature preserves and develops its characteristics.


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