The chapel of saint Martin of Lignera

From the road to Monesiglio and Saliceto starts a little road that will lead you to two bridges.

The second one leads to the little church of Saint Martin, in the middle of the countryside, with its romanic stone bell tower and the simple facade. Inside, there are frescos all over the square apse: it’s probably the better-preserved series of frescos in this area, also thanks to a restoring made in 1991.

Painted in the second half of the fifteenth century, probably by a local artist, they represent different moments in saint Martin’s life, painted with a wonderful realism.

They were ordered by the lords of Saliceto, the Del Carretto family, who had also their crest painted on the top of the vault. A smaller fresco is to be found in the sagresty. It represents a delicate Annunciation. The keys of the chapel are kept by all the people of the village, in turns.

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