L'Orto Smeraldo

Farm in Guarene

Orto Smerlado was founded in 2009 as an evolution of the Borio Enzo farm, with a long tradition in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The company handed down from father to son, is located in the hamlet of Vaccheria in the municipality of Guarene, situated in the heart of the Roero.

Over the years, the Borio family has always been mindful of respecting nature, choosing sustainable production methods, minimizing the use of chemicals and adopting integrated pest management as a cultivation method.

Today the company has focused on enhancing the Madernassa pear, a typical variety of this area of the Roero.

In their store, wanted by Emanuele, the company’s products are offered along with a selection of the best in the area.


The Madernassa pear lends itself to many processes, from preserves to the first pear cider

The Madernassa pear is a variety native to the Roero region that has always been considered a boast in traditional local cuisine.

Like many native species, it has long remained unknown to most, with use limited to local farmers who appreciated it for its crispness and the aromatic enhancement given by cooking, either in wine or in the oven.

But pears are not the only product of Orto Smeraldo, other fruits and vegetables are also grown, always respecting the proper seasonal cycle.

Products from other local companies are also offered, such as the wines of Borgogno Rivata, excellence of the Roero.

The flagship product of Orto Smeraldo is definitely the unique Sidrè cider.

Crushing and pressing the best pears produces juice for the first fermentation at 14°, which lasts about 15 to 20 days. Sparkling is given by the second fermentation performed at 12°, which is followed by filtration and a rest period in the tank.

At this point the Sidrè cider is ready to be bottled: dry, sparkling and with low alcohol content (Vol. 8%), it is suitable for every situation, from whole meal to light aperitif.

The genius idea of two friends

Given the high quality of the Madernassa pear, a typical variety of the Roero, Massimo and Emanuele decided to try to produce the first and only cider with this fruit. After successful initial trials, the product was officially released in 2014 under the name Sidré

Visits & Tastings

Come learn about the cultivation of the Madernassa pear

The Borio family is waiting for you to experience firsthand where their products are born.

After a guided tour of the orchards and vineyards, you will have a chance to taste the first and only sparkling cider.

During the approximately 2-hour visit, you can also try Borgogno Rivata’s Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Pelaverga, Arneis and Favorita wines, accompanied by typical sweet and savory products.


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Tasting Price

Starting at 10€

Prices & Services

Come discover the products of the Roero

The point of sale

At the Vaccheria store you can find fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, pear jam, hazelnut jam, Borgogno Rivata wines and a careful selection of other local products.


The store is open Monday through Saturday

8:00 a.m. → 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday afternoon 3:00 pm → 7:30 pm.


Pets Allowed Direct Sales WiFi Parking Lot Garden

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L’Orto Smeraldo

Via Mulino Vecchio, 49, 12050 Vaccheria, Guarene CN, Italia
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