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On the hills to the left of the Tanaro river, the Langhe give way to Roero.

The peculiar element of this territory is represented by the Rocche, a phenomenon of millenary erosion that has shaped the landscape by forming spiers and deep gorges that can be explored through a dense series of thematic trails.

In this context, in the small Borgata Caretta, it is possible to visit the farm of Carlo Casetta, born in 1990 and meet the young producer from Montà in the cellar.

/RAIZ/: from the project to the selection

Carlo’s desire to create his own selection of wines, produced exclusively with the best grapes from his own vineyards, materialized starting from 2018 with the / RAIZ / project.

The line joins the classic one already present in the company by the will of his father Giuseppe.

/ RAIZ / is the phonetic transcription in Piedmontese dialect of the word “root“, a term that also recalls the English sound rise / to rise.

An auspicious sound for the new brand capable of speaking both to a local and international clientele.

The production, characterized by a strong link with the territory, offers wines that have always been protagonists of the tradition and excellence of Roero.

They are packaged in elegant bottles, recognizable by the stylized root on the label and by the precious red shellac seal applied manually.

A story that
begins in 1960

in Montà

The owner bears the name of his grandfather and represents the third generation of winemakers

A long time has passed since grandfather Carlo, in the 60s, produced wines for the markets of the area, with the help of his wife and son; it was in that period that the company was officially born.

The passion was handed down from father to son and it was Giuseppe who succeeded him, organizing the company according to a more modern vision.

Thanks to an identity line of wines, the Casetta brand spread into the homes of numerous families.

In 2011 it was the turn of Carlo, Beppe's son.

The passion was there and the family supported him since he was a child, when he used to play at making wine just like dad, which represented in the following years a turning point in the business choices of the future producer.

In the last 15 years, Carlo first graduated from the Oenological School of Alba, graduated in Viticulture and Oenology and obtained a Master's Degree in Viticultural and Oenological Sciences in 2016, in Turin.

He also found the time to work at an important wine company in the area, holding the role of Oenologist since 2015.

In all this, however, his thought was only one: to support the tradition of the family with his corporate vision in producing wines capable of expressing the Roero territory in the best possible way and able to carve out their own slice of admirers and enthusiasts.

The Wines

/RAIZ/: exclusive wines for convivial moments or valuable gifts for important occasions

During 2020, Carlo launches the / RAIZ / selection on the market, with the aim of representing at best what his own vineyards can offer.

All wines can be tasted and purchased during the company visit, during which visitors are guided to discover the organoleptic characteristics of each label.


The first wines to see the light are the Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC STIL, the Barbera d’Alba DOC NID and the CIT Rosato Wine, followed in 2021 by the Roero Arneis DOCG BEL, the Red Wine without added sulphites SAN and the Roero DOCG FIL .

Alongside the Roero Arneis DOCG, fragrant and rich in aromas, and the Rosé wine with its distinct mineral scent and notes of small red fruits, there are the typical reds of the area.

The following two wines deserve a special mention.


Packaged starting from 1 July 2021, the Roero DOCG FIL, obtained from the grapes of the Nebbiolo vine is the surprise of summer 2021.

It is an important wine aged in barrels for about 12 months and a further 6 in the bottle.

Due to its characteristics it goes well with first courses with an intense flavor filled with meat and second courses based on red meat and game.

Red wine without added sulphites

The novelty of 2021 is represented by the Red Wine without added sulphites SAN, a blend of red grapes, Barbera and Nebbiolo that follows a particular type of processing described during the company tour.

Since the grapes arrive healthy in the cellar, the fermentation process of red wines takes place without the addition of sulphites which are naturally produced during the fermentation process.

This choice therefore allows to reduce the final quantity of the same inside the finished product.

Carlo therefore promotes a philosophy oriented towards health aspects and the protection of the final consumer.

Produced Wines

Roero DOCG Arneis BEL
Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC STIL
Barbera d'Alba DOC NID
Vino Rosso senza solfiti SAN
Vino Rosato CIT

Vineyards Extension

1.5 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location


Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

The winery is the same where in the 60s of the last century, Carlo's grandfather started producing wine

Guests are received in the inner courtyard.

Here the company and the territory are introduced through hints related to the climate, the soil and how the natural elements influence the vineyard reflecting in the character of the wines tasted later.

Upon request and weather permitting, it is possible to take a walk among the adjacent Nebbiolo vineyards and it is therefore recommended to wear suitable shoes.

The company tour

The tour of the grapes follows, meaning that you’ll follow the path carried out by the bunches when they arrive in the courtyard, well protected in the perforated boxes.

Carlo introduces the first stages of processing carried out outside the winery: pressing and fermentation in the vats at a controlled temperature; then you’ll move into the interior spaces.

The visit continues towards the cooler places where the aging wines rest in the barriques, until you’ll head towards the typical crutin, a small cellar carved by hand in the tuff, which has always been used as a family pantry.

The tasting

The tasting, the central moment of the visit, takes place in the specially set up tavern.

  • Classic tasting : 3 wines of your choice, Roero DOCG excluded – €15
  • Emotions in red (€20.00 per person): 3 wines of your choice among the available red wines, Roero DOCG included – 20€
  • Discovering Roero: 4 wines of your choice, Roero DOCG included – 25€
  • Our world in a glass: 6 wines of your choice, Roero DOCG included – 30€

During the warm season it is possible to request tasting in the vineyard with modalities and price to be agreed upon.

It is good to specify the choice of this second type of experience already at the time of booking so that the producer can organize it at best.


max 10 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 15€

The company philosophy

A family-run business looking to the future, but with strong traditional values

All the works, from those carried out in the vineyard to the vinification processes in the cellar, are carried out directly by Carlo, assisted by his family and his partner Martina.

It is she who welcomes guests, especially foreigners, and takes care of corporate communication to the outside world.

The relationship with wine tourists, experts or simply curious, is always an aspect that is cared for down to the smallest detail in the most direct and straightforward way possible.

Visiting a farm like that of Carlo Casetta therefore means not only getting to know the producer, his history and his wines, but sharing a project and creating a bond to be enriched over time.

Rigor in work, choices and practices

Seeing the little nephew Edoardo playing and running among the rows was decisive in the choice of the interventions to be implemented in the vineyard.
Following the path of quality and typicality, Carlo has chosen to minimize treatments, leaving the row covered with grass and fertilizing with manure or sowing the grass directly in the vineyard, and then burying it in the spring.
The manual harvest takes place with plastic baskets that allow a better integrity of the grapes during transport.

Prices & Services

Tastings and direct sales

It is possible to taste all the wines of the production

Reservations are always recommended to allow the producer to best accommodate their guests.

  • Classic tasting : 3 wines of your choice, Roero DOCG excluded - €15


  • Emotions in red (€20.00 per person): 3 wines of your choice among the available red wines, Roero DOCG included - 20€


  • Discovering Roero: 4 wines of your choice, Roero DOCG included - 25€


  • Our world in a glass: 6 wines of your choice, Roero DOCG included - 30€

Direct sale

Roero DOCG FIL 18 €

Roero DOCG Arneis BEL 10 €

Nebbiolo d'Alba STIL DOC 11 €

Barbera d'Alba DOC NID € 10

Red wine without added sulphites SAN € 15

Rosé wine CIT € 7.50

All wines can be shipped to the chosen destination.


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