Country Chapel of Saint Anthony of Padua

This country chapel stands on the site between the hamlets of Fontane and Mulino Nuovo, near the dei Morenghi and Mombello streams and the intersection between the provincial road and a secondary path that descends from the hills of Sinio.

This dirt track, that crossed the ford on the Talloria stream, climbs back up to Serralunga d’Alba.

Here we are at a significant crossroad, at an altitude of 270 metres above sea level.

Coming from Alba, as well as from Grinzane Cavour, this chapel is the first monumental building in the territory of Sinio.


The sacred building was originally built in the seventeenth century upon the initiative of the villagers and Father Giuliano Montanaro, as part of the renewed fervour of devotion towards the Franciscan Saint, Anthony of Padua.

In popular religion, he is revered as the protector of orphans, of barren and pregnant women, and of sick children.

The venerable monk, doctor of the Church, is also invoked to find lost objects and by young ladies to find husbands.

The Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, which has a longitudinal plan with a semicircular apse equal in height to its only nave, was rebuilt in 1868-1869. Its bell tower was only constructed later, around 1904.

On the name day of the monk saint, which falls on June 13th, a traditional religious and popular festival is held annually right in this sacred building.

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