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Here you can find a list of some of the most famous piedmontese recipes.

What are you waiting? It’s time to start cooking!

by Carola Arione

Stuffed eggs

Stuffed eggs

Ingredients 4 hard-boiled eggs 80 gr tuna in oil 4 anchovy fillets in oil capers mayonnaise salt green olives to decorate Procedure Peel the hard-boiled eggs, cut in half lengthwise and separate the whites from the yolks. Take them, put them in a bowl with the drained tuna, chopped anchovy fillets and chopped capers. Add […]

by Carola Arione

Rice with asparagus

Rice with asparagus

Ingredients 300 grams of rice a bunch of asparagus extra virgin olive oil shallot vegetable broth butter parmesan Procedure Wash and clean the asparagus, removing the woody part of the stalk. Then separate the top of the asparagus from the green stalk and keep aside. Mince the shallot and fry with the oil in a […]

by Carola Arione

Bresaola Rolls

Bresaola Rolls with caprino

Ingredients 8 slices of bresaola fresh cheese oil apple vinegar lemon chive Procedure Put in a bowl one tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix thoroughly with a fork. Taste the mixture and adjust the flavor according to your personal taste, in case adding one or […]

by Carola Arione

Meatballs Soup

Polpette di carne in brodo

Ingredients 150 gr lean minced meat 50 gr ham a bit of butter 1 egg soft part of bread (half sandwich) meat broth nutmeg salt parmesan cheese bread crumbs pepper Procedure This recipe is very nutritious, it is particularly suited to the winter months, especially if you feel debilitated. The procedure is quite simple and […]

by Carola Arione

Monte Bianco (Montblanc)

Monte Bianco

Ingredients 500 grams of dried chestnuts pinch of salt 300 ml of milk 60 gr of sugar 5 spoons of rum 4 spoons of cocoa whipped cream and marrons glacés to decorate Procedure This recipe, traditional French and Piemontese, is well suited to the cold period as the chestnuts are a typical winter fruit. Boil […]

by Carola Arione

Apple Muffins


Ingredients 250 grams of flour 00 140 grams of sugar 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1 sachet of vanilla extract 85 grams of melted butter 2 eggs 200 grams of milk 1 large apple Procedure Mix in a bowl all the wet ingredients: the melted butter, the eggs and the […]

by Carola Arione

Leeks Soup

Vellutata di porri

Ingredients 500 grams of potatoes 320 grams of leeks 4 cups vegetable broth extra virgin olive oil salt pepper sage grated Parmesan cheese creamy  spreadable cheese croutons Procedure Start removing the green parts of the leeks, then wash it and cut it into thin disks. Subsequently, fry the leeks in a pot in the oil on a […]


Cake with gorgonzola

Torta al gorgonzola

Ingredients For the pastry 250 g 00 flour 150 g butter 1 egg 150 cc water (1,5 dl) salt For the filling 6 eggs 200 g cream 300 g sweet gorgonzola 2 leeks 150 g smoked bacon 30 g butter salt pepper grated nutmeg What to prepare a little pot a pan a bowl a […]

by Nonna Genia

The Orion


Ingredients four liters of well water one kilo of pork’s head (with ear) salt one onion four garlic cloves 100 gr of anchovies a handful of parsley a rosemary shoot oil one bay-leaf one glass of vinegar five sliced sweet peppers What to prepare a pot a chopping board a crescent-shaped chopping knife a bowl […]

by Armando Gambera



Ingredients 400 g medium-fat pork meat 200 g pork liver 100 g sausage 80 g grated parmisan one egg yolk 10 juniper berries nutmeg cinnamon salt pepper pork omentum (risèla o retìna) (or a Savoy cabbage) olive oil and butter a small glass of gin Procedure Mince carefully the meat and liver; then add the […]

by Slow Food

Hazelnut cream

Crema di nocciole

Ingredients 4 egg yolks 100 g sugar 30 g flour half a liter of milk 100 g peeled hazelnuts vanille or lemon peel a small glass of cognac Procedure Peel the hazelnuts, after having put them in very hot water, and dry them with care. Then crush them in a mortar, until they become a […]

by Armando Gambera

Rice with Barolo

INGREDIENTS For the Barolo sauce: 1 liter of Barolo 2 stems of celery 1 big shallot 1 garlic yolk 1 sprig of rosemary 1 laurel leaf (it will be taken away) 3-4 grains of pepper some leaves of marjoran a big slice of pepper For the rice: 300 g Carnaroli rice 1 shallot 1 sprig […]

by Nonna Genia

Shortbread cake

Torta di pasta frolla

Ingredients 300 gr of wheat flour 200 gr of butter 200 gr of sugar a whole egg butter 100 gr of cherry or apricot marmalade the white of one egg beaten 100 gr sweet almonds sugar What to prepare a cake-tin a wooden spoon Procedure Mix 300 gr of wheat flour, 200 gr of butter, […]

by Armando Gambera

Brulé wine


INGREDIENTS half liter Barolo 50 g sugar 3 g cinnamon sticks 3 g cloves 3 g mace 3 g coriander 3 black peppercorns peel of a half lemon one leaf of laurel a little cardamom a little stick of vanilla or a little vanillin one leaf of sage a little rosemary PROCEDURE Put the Barolo […]

by Armando Gambera



Ingredients 500 g 00 wheat flour 2 eggs 50 g butter 50 g sugar one spoon dry white wine half a grated lemon peel half a dose of yeast 50 g icing sugar one liter peanut oil Procedure Prepare a dough with the flour, one whole egg and a yolk, the sugar, white wine, yeast, […]