Palaces and monuments of the Langhe

Silent guardians of a rich medieval past and witnesses of the Resistance, the palaces and monuments tell of the resilience and profound history of these lands through their imposing architecture and the marks of time

Alba and the Langhe offer a rich scene of Piedmontese history. The urban fabric of Alba is dotted with historic palaces overlooking cobbled streets, among which stands out the Town Hall in Piazza Risorgimento, with its internal frescoes.

The Langhe, scattered with medieval castles and towers, preserve monuments that speak of a past of nobility and conflicts, like the Castle of Grinzane Cavour, now a wine museum.

Every corner reveals a piece of history, combining imposing architecture with tales of distant epochs, from medieval grandeur to echoes of the resistance.

Alba, Piazza Duomo

A crossroads of history and everyday life, surrounded by buildings that bear witness to the city’s rich past

Palaces and monuments of the Langhe