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Simone Tabusso‘s winery has nothing to do with the growing number of wineries in the Langhe and surroundings.

The young man, who graduated just 4 years ago, decides to combine his two passions – archeology and enology – in the thesis topic: the production of wine in Roman times.

From there his path winds through studies, readings and attempts, to learn as much as possible from the ancient books of Latin agronomists such as Columella, Cato and Varrone and to give life to a product close to that of 2000 years ago.

In October 2019 Tabusso finally achieves a result that satisfies him, and markets his two wines of Roman inspiration: the Aureum, gold colored, with aromas of aromatic herbs and fruit jam and the Purpureum, purple, with notes of honey and spices.

The aim of the project is also partly to bring people closer to archeology and our historical and cultural heritage: in addition to tasting it is in fact possible to visit the museum itinerary where the producer has reconstructed a 2000 year old wine cellar, complete with an ancient press, amphorae and coins.

The Wines

Tabusso wines take us back in time, on a journey to the Roman era.

Although it is impossible to be sure of the taste of the wine in those days, we can say without hesitation that the two drinks produced by the manufacturer are the version that comes closest to it.

The recipes were obtained from the study of ancient texts, which contained advice and suggestions on how to produce and store wine through the use of antiseptic aromas and spices.

The Aureum

The Langhe white wine is flavored with a fine defrutum (cooked must) and a blend of herbs and spices that reminds us of ancient aromas and the atmosphere one breathed during a Roman banquet.

Sensory profile

The color is golden yellow, full and bright. The nose releases a multiplicity of clear and fine aromas with notes of rosemary, bay leaf, peach in syrup, jasmine and white rose.

In the mouth it is fresh, savory and persistent, revealing its floral aspect and white fruit.

The Purpureum

The Langhe red wine is flavored with fragrant Piedmontese honey and a blend of herbs and spices.

Purpureum shows all its charm as a meditation wine, with ice or accompanied by a good cigar.

Sensory profile

The color is ruby ​​red, full and bright. The nose releases a multiplicity of clear and complex aromas with notes of blueberry jam, black cherry, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, acacia and geranium.

In the mouth it is enveloping, warm, reveals spices and red fruit accompanied by a sweet note that is well balanced by its freshness.

Produced Wines

Aureum, Purpureum

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Visits & Tastings

Much more than a simple tasting: visit to the museum itinerary.

An already fascinating reality increases its appeal even more with the museum itinerary created by the manufacturer.

The visit takes you on a journey through time to discover the ancient sensations of Roman wine, illustrating the methods of cultivation and wine production of our ancestors of more than 2000 years ago.

It is possible to touch an ancient Roman press and the production amphorae, observe ancient coins closely, and then conclude with a tasting in full Roman banquet style.

During the tasting you can analyze the sensory characteristics of the two wines with the help of the producer, and discover their pairing with food with meats, cheeses, cooked must etc.


max 12 people

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1h 30 min



Tasting Price

Starting at 7€

Prices & Services

Visit one of the most particular wineries in the Langhe!

Visit + tasting

The price of the guided tour of the cellar, including the museum tour and the tasting of the 2 wines produced, is € 7 per person!


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