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Propi Bun hazelnuts and derivatives

Farm in Cerretto Langhe

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The Alta Langa, now known all over the world, was once a land of hassle and poverty, where life was hard and based mainly on agriculture.

Today the fruits of secular work are ready to be harvested, and among the many realities that finally find the right spotlight, also the Propi Bun farm captures the interest of the most attentive eyes.

This young company, founded in 2016, has roots in common with many others in the area, but an unusual development: Filippo Marenda, always devoted to his fields of hazelnuts, gives them to his two young daughters, hoping that the passion transmitted by generations continue in those to come.

Chiara and Michela, who grew up in those fields and witnessed the efforts of their father, took up the challenge and decided to take it to the next level, opening a hazelnut transformation laboratory in Ceretto Langhe.

Two years of production were enough for the young owners of the laboratory to demonstrate the high quality of their products, but the evolution is still ongoing and doesn’t seem to be stopping.

In the legal office of Arguello, where almost all of their hazelnut trees, they take care of the shelling, and then transfer the hazelnuts to the Cerretto processing plant, where their products come to life.

They started from only toasting, they then expanded the offer with semi-finished products such as hazelnut grain, getting today to the point where they produce hazelnut cakes and sweets in all the most varied forms.

Each member of the Marenda family collaborates, making Propi Bun a totally family-run business focused on genuine, transparent production.


Hazelnut desserts

The quality of the hazelnuts makes it possible to highlight them in every preparation, accompanying them only with ingredients of the highest quality.

The range is varied and does not depart from the Piedmontese tradition, and includes:

  • Hazelnut grain
  • Hazelnut flour
  • Hazelnut cake
  • Salted hazelnuts
  • Baci di Dama
  • “Brut ma Bun”
  • Gere di Langa
  • Chocolate truffles

The locations

In Arguello there is their legal headquarters, where most of the hazel fields are. The laboratory is in Cerretto Langhe.

Visits & Tastings

Discover the production process

The Marenda family welcomes you in the laboratory to show you the whole production process, from the plant to the packaging.

The visit costs 5 euro per person and begins with a tour of the hazelnut field that surrounds the farm, with an explanation of the choices that characterize the high quality of their hazelnuts.

Then you’ll move to the laboratory, where the operation of each machine is illustrated and, depending on the time of day and the time of year, you can watch the work in progress.

The tour ends with a tasting of the entire range of products in a panoramic room.


max 20 people

Visit Duration

1 h



Tasting Price

Starting at 5.00€

Propi Bun

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