Lower Langa

La Biòca

Winegrower in Serralunga d’Alba

Business Hours

Monday → Friday
8:00 → 17:00

Saturday and Sunday
tastings by reservation (min 5 people)

Closing Day



December 23 → December 26

La Biòca is a small winery located near Serralunga d’Alba, more precisely in the Fontanafredda locality.

It was born in 2012 as a young company from the ambition of some “hard heads” (“biòca” is a Piedmontese word that indicates a determined and stubborn person) who, through the passionate interest in wine, express the excellence of these lands.

All their production activities take place in the cellar: vinification, aging, bottling, sales, guided tastings and hospitality, in an atmosphere of maximum professionalism, dedication and creativity. All wrapped in the vivifying mantle of nature which remains the background and the fulcrum of their work.

The property has a shared panoramic terrace from which to admire the beauties bordering the structure and a brand new farmhouse consisting of 6 rooms.

An evocative and quiet place set in an enchanting location to visit both for the charm of the beautiful hilly landscape marked by vineyards, and for the monuments of considerable historical and artistic interest.

In fact, you can visit the majestic noble castle perched on the top of the Serralunga hill, built in the fourteenth century at the behest of the Falletti family, or the church of San Sebastiano built at the end of the nineteenth century in place of the ancient parish church of San Benigno now in ruins, right at the foot of the castle.

The Rooms

A stay in the tranquility of the countryside, in the comfort of modernity, surrounded by the scents of wine

The winery has a comfortable farmhouse located above it on the second floor.

It consists of 6 cozy rooms whose total capacity is 14 people, bright and of recent and modern construction, including four doubles, one apartment and one triple. All of them are equipped with every comfort such as air conditioning, mini-fridge with complimentary bottle, wi-fi, private balcony and what is needed to make guests comfortable.

A hearty and tasty breakfast awaits you in the morning that will not disappoint your expectations.

From the rooms you can admire the exquisite view of the Langhe’s landscape of natural geometries, which relaxes and fills your eyes with the dazzling seasonal colors.

To facilitate check-in at the time of booking, you will be given a code that will allow you to open the front door, while your room key will already be inserted in the door.

As you ascend the stairs from the hall on the ground floor to the bedrooms, on the steps and along the corridors, you will be greeted by the faint, seductive scent of wine from the cellar below: a prelude to the atmosphere you will experience during your stay.

The staff is equipped with competence and courtesy to ensure that you spend your time at the facility in total tranquility and discovering the traditions and flavors with which the surrounding area is dense.





N° of Rooms


N° of Apartments


Double Room

Starting at 65€

Additional Bed

Starting at 10€

The Wines

The winery works with vines of rare native varieties from the area, producing the traditional wines of the Langhe alongside decidedly more "curious" bottles.

Along with white and red wines, it also produces two rosés: a still wine with a sweet, velvety and harmonious taste and a soft, light, creamy, lively sparkling wine with a fruity bouquet.

The winery works with Rossese Bianco: a native white grape variety of some rarity, which is present in the area and tends to ripen in late September-early October. Only five producers are involved with this particular type of grape.

You can also find a Nebbiolo d’Alba vinified and aged in amphora with a dry, full-bodied taste with a fruity, delicate ruby-red bouquet and sometimes orange highlights; it is an ideal accompaniment to cured meats and cheeses, fresh stuffed pasta, main courses of pork, wild boar and braised meats.

The winery also ages another Nebbiolo d’Alba in combined barrels (one part steel and one part oak) with a dry, velvety and harmonious taste suitable for savory first courses.

The typical reds of the area (Barbera, Dolcetto) as well as Barolo and Barbaresco are obviously produced.

Produced Wines

VSQ rose Brut
Langhe DOC Rosato
Langhe DOC Rossese Bianco
Langhe DOC Chardonnay
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Superiore
Barbera d’Alba DOC
Barbera d'Alba DOC Superiore
Langhe DOC Nebbiolo
Langhe DOC Verduno Pelaverga
Langhe DOC Freisa
Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC (vinificato in anfora)
Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC (vinificato in botte combinata)
Barolo DOCG classico (Aculei)
Barolo DOCG cru (Ravera, Bussia, Monvigliero, Borzone, Castagni)
Barbaresco DOCG cru (Ronchi, Secondine)

Vineyards Extension

8 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Monforte d’Alba (Bussia, San Sebastiano)
Novello (Ravera)
La Morra (Castagni, Croera)
Barbaresco (Secondine, Ronchi)

Agricultural Method


Visits & Tastings

You will be shown the winemaking room and will be introduced to the history of the winery, which, although very recent, does not lack intrinsic passion and originality.

You will then descend into the barrique cellar where the Barolos rest.

You will learn at this stage to better know and appreciate their production and the human capital behind this winery.

The “suave mood” tasting

After the theoretical phase, you will finally go back up to the tasting room for the practical one, where the wines will be chosen and we will proceed with the tastings guided by the staff.

4 labels → €5.00 per person

Traditional wines (sparkling, still rosé, Rossese Bianco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo Classico)

4 labels → 10.00 € per person

Selections including Barbera Superiore, Freisa di Chieri, Pelaverga and Nebbiolo in amphora

6 labels → €15.00 per person

Mixed selection including Barolo produced by La Biòca


max 40 people

Visit Duration

90 minuti



Tasting Price

Starting at 5€

Prices & Services

Visits, tasting and agritourism

Visit and tasting prices

  • 4 traditional wine labels → 5.00 € per person
  • 4 labels selected wines → 10,00 € per person
  • 6 labels mixed selection → 15.00 € per person

Farmhouse room prices

  • Double room with twin beds → from 65.00 €
  • Triple room with two single beds and a sofa bed → from 75.00 €
  • Family room with one double bed and a sofa bed→ from 85.00 €


Air Conditioning Pets Allowed Terrace Direct Sales WiFi Parking Lot Caravan Parking

Accepted Payments

La Biòca

Via Alba, 13a, Serralunga d'Alba, CN, Italia
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The oratory of saint Michael

Via M. Baudana, 5, 12050 Serravalle Langhe CN, Italia
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The parish church of Treiso

Piazza Leopoldo Baracco, 7, 12050 Treiso CN, Italia
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