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Alta Langa, Lower Piedmont. Between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, in the hills that were once considered the home of the wolves of Langhe, one of the most precious treasures of Italian enology is hidden.

Many enthusiasts consider it the best passito in the national territory: we are talking about Loazzolo DOC, the smallest DOC in Italy, produced exclusively in the homonymous town in just 5 hectares of vineyards.

It is a sweet wine vinified in purity from Moscato grapes, dried and eventually attacked by noble rot. A complex wine, warm and pleasantly enveloping, whose grapes grow clinging to the steep hillsides, where the work is always and only manual.

Here, over 500 meters above sea level, three kilometers of hilly profile draw the amphitheater of Borgo Isolabella, home of Isolabella della Croce, one of the 8 wineries producing this DOC.

The family, linked to this territory for generations and well aware of this rare natural heritage, safeguards it and transmits its uniqueness with a contagious passion, producing in addition to Loazzolo DOC other 14 internationally recognized labels.

The Wines

Land of Loazzolo DOC, but not only: why is Isolabella della Croce a winery that everyone must visit?

In the Langhe of Barolo and Barbaresco, of the UNESCO heritage hills with tourism growing every year, nobody is surprised by the quality of the wine proposals.

Yet, a few km from Alba, there is a small treasure still undiscovered by most, a secret to be protected. It is in this uncontaminated oasis that Lodovico, Maria Teresa and Luigi Isolabella della Croce gave life to their project, which wants to give due importance to the few and precious wines produced here.

Vineyards exposed to all gradations of South, the freshness of over 500 meters above sea level, excellent ventilation and a great temperature range between day and night: these are the ingredients that guarantee a slow and optimal ripening of the grapes, with a perfect balance between sugars, acidity and aromatic intensity.

In addition to being in a breathtaking location, the Isolabella della Croce winery is a heritage to be discovered quickly. Book and let them guide you to discover this incredible land, these wines never drunk before.

Produced Wines

Nizza DOCG "Augusta"
Monferrato rosso DOC "Superlodo"
Piemonte DOC "Bricco del Falco"
Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG "Trentasei"
Barbera d’Asti DOCG "Maria Teresa"
Loazzolo DOC "Solio di Valdiserre"
Monferrato rosso DOC "Le Marne"
Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore "Serena"
Moscato d'Asti DOC "Canelli"
Piemonte DOC Sauvignon Blanc
Piemonte DOC Chardonnay "Solum"
Grappa di Loazzolo
Grappa di Loazzolo Barrique
Vermouth bianco "High Life"
Alta Langa DOCG metodo classico

Vineyards Extension

15 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Loazzolo, Calamandrana, Nizza Monferrato

Agricultural Method


Visits & Tastings

Four types of tours, different in duration and focus of interest.

La Vela vineyard

Tour for the most curious and expert wine lovers, with a guide expert on the characteristics of the territory and the vinification process in the cellar. The tasting of 4 wines focuses on the characteristic aromas of the terroir, paired with local organic products. The duration is 1 hour.

Overview of the Amphitheater

A few steps for an overview of Borgo Isolabella and the peculiar characteristics of its terroir. This tour is aimed at a wide audience. The tasting includes 2 wines from “Selezione Alta Collina” and 2 wines from the CRU of the company. Pairing with local organic products. The duration is approximately 15 minutes.

Natural Wood of Valdiserre

Path for the discovery of the different species of orchids that arise spontaneously in the woods. The tour is designed to allow a full immersion in the Loazzolo ecosystem. The tasting includes 2 wines from “Selezione Alta Collina” and 2 wines from the company’s CRUs, paired with local organic products. It has a total duration of 2 h and 15 minutes.

Experience the Loazzolo ecosystem

The itinerary is designed to allow a general view of the village and appreciate its variety, and is aimed at a wide audience. The tasting includes 2 wines from “Selezione Alta Collina” and 2 wines from the CRU of the company, with the possibility of adding Pinot Noir. Paired with local organic products. The duration is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


max 35 people

Visit Duration

15 min



Tasting Price

Starting at 20€

The production philosophy

The production choices are designed in favor and in total respect of Loazzolo's unique terroir.

To safeguard it, the Isolabella della Croce exclude the use of chemical herbicides, and adopt a natural defense system of the vineyard with symbiotic mushrooms of the plant.

The contribution of copper and sulfur to protect against late blight and powdery mildew is also cautious, according to the legislation of biodynamic viticulture.

Ten hectares of vineyards are in Loazzolo, where varieties suitable for the cooler climate of the high hills are cultivated, which make of elegance and aromatic character their strengths.

The remaining 5 hectares are instead between Calamandrana and Nizza, hubs for the production of Barbera.

The latest arrivals

2018 was a year full of news for Borgo Isolabella, which re-proposed the White Vermouth High Life, produced according to the first European recipe of white vermouth owned by the family.

They also recently started to vinify a Metodo Classico Alta Langa DOCG.

Prices & Services

Winery tours

Variable prices

The cost of the visit and tasting varies according to the duration of the tour, and can range from 20 to 35 euros per person.

The total price will be calculated at the time of booking.


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Isolabella della Croce

3, Regione Caffi, 14051 Loazzolo AT
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