Tourist route Come una barca nelle vigne (like a boat in the vineyards)



The 11-kilometer loop route that winds through the enchanting hills and vineyards of Castelletto Molina (AT) is capable of offering a unique experience, both on foot and by bicycle.

Come una barca nelle vigne (like a boat in the vineyards that’s its name) is a tourist route, divided into 8 stages, each represented by a differently colored boat, that allows tourists to admire the landscape of Alto Monferrato from a different perspective, letting them discover not only new places, but also the local food and wine culture.

The origin of the project: a journey through history, culture and nature

This new itinerary was born out of the need to provide an additional reason to visit the surrounding area of Castelletto Molina.

The Council, City Council, Tourist Association and numerous volunteers and individuals have embraced the initiative with great enthusiasm and dedication from the very beginning to give visitors a memorable experience.

But why the boats?

For at least four reasons!

Historical legacy

First, because of a historical legacy: millions of years ago, this area was submerged by the sea. Today, among the vines, it is still possible to find marine fossils, precious traces of an ancient past.

Local tradition

The Piedmontese saying c’me na borca ant’el bosch (like a boat in the woods), describes someone who feels out of place despite being well. By turning it into “like a boat in the vineyards”, the project is linked to the culture and language of the land.


On foggy days, the viewpoints offer magical and picturesque views, giving tourists the impression that they are facing a sea of hills.

Common terminology

The hills of Castelletto Molina are often described as “green seas” or “seas of vines“, evoking the poetic image of an ocean of lush green.

The stages: an equipped and interactive itinerary

It starts from the center of the village of Castelletto with the small wood-colored vessel, not far from the Conti Veggi Castle, and then continues stage by stage to number 8, in the Bracco area, surrounded by Muscat grape vineyards.

Each boat has been adopted by a local winery, and each stop includes picnic areas equipped with tables, waste baskets, solar lighting, and information boards with QR codes.

By scanning the code with their smartphones, visitors can access detailed information about each stop, get a virtual stamp on the route map and a complimentary glass of wine to taste at the relevant winery, subject to reservation.

Upon completion of all stages, visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in aprize drawing during the annual Castellettum Divinum party!

Thanks to the map on the site, it is possible to see the stages in advance, find out the color of the boats, which wineries have adopted them, the grape varieties grown, and learn how to recognize the panorama that stands before you.

Along the way, on the other hand, strategically placed arrows show the paths to follow so as not to get lost.

Before “embarking”

Since this is a well-constructed route, which runs both on paved roads and in the middle of vineyards, it is advisable to be equipped with hiking gear suitable for the circumstances.

It is advisable to bring along some beverages and a packed lunch, to be enjoyed at one of the picnic areas located alongside each boat.

In this way it is possible to fully enjoy every stretch, whether on the flat or uphill, on foot or, for the more determined, on a mountain bike.

Tourist route Come una barca nelle vigne (like a boat in the vineyards)

Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 14040, Castelletto Molina, AT, Italia
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