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The Cascina Fonda company can be reached by taking the scenic roads that lead to Via Spessa, in the Bricco di Neive district, where the winery is located.

In Piedmontese dialect, the word bricco, brìc, indicates the top of a hill, the highest point, where altitude and exposure are crucial for obtaining quality wines.

This is the case of the winery run by brothers Marco and Massimo Barbero which, since 1963, has focused on Moscato wines, a product linked to conviviality and relaxation, a pleasant companion for moments of celebration.

This wine is typical of the Piedmontese winemaking tradition, partly based on aromatic white wines and low in alcohol.

Today the company presents itself as a modern reality that has been able to keep the Langhe spirit alive; a spirit sought by wine tourists and enthusiasts looking for sincere experiences in the Winery.

The historic centre of Neive, included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, still retains its medieval layout and is one of the most visited and appreciated UNESCO Langhe villages.

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Logo Cascina Fonda

A story that
begins in 1963

in Neive

Passion, for that sweet flavor that Moscato can give and which is enhanced by the Barbero brothers, in the Moscato d'Asti and Asti Spumante versions.

The Cascina Fonda company was founded by the will of Secondino Barbero, a farmer-winemaker from Santo Stefano Belbo. An intuition favoured by the experience gained in the wine sector and the passion for wine, in an area ideally suited for the cultivation of important DOC and DOCG wines from Alba. The grapes, initially provided, were made into wine for family consumption and for sale in bulk or in demijohn. With the passage of the company in 1988 to his sons Marco and Massimo, the Winery was renewed and modernized. From 1995 to 2000 the new Winery, designed by the Alba architect Valerio Demaria, continued to develop and its shape can be seen in the company logo. Modern production techniques were then focused on the production and enhancement of the Moscato grape of which the company is a leading exponent. The production was completed with further wines typical of the area: Dolcetto, Brachetto, Arneis, Barbaresco and was accompanied by a selection of Grappas distilled at the Berta Distilleria. The company grew and sales extended beyond national borders: Cascina Fonda is also present in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and France. The future of the company aims at enhancing even further with the imminent production of Alta Langa DOCG, a vintage white wine that is a piece of Piedmont history, made of Pinot Nero and Chardonnay grapes.

The Wines

The Moscato DOCG is considered the wine of conviviality and relaxation

Cascina Fonda is a company that specializes in the production of aromatic wines and expresses the potential of Moscato grapes.

The most representative products of the company are obtained from these grapes in both the sweet and dry sparkling wine versions.

Sweet Bubbles

Moscato d’Asti DOCG Bel Piano, a classic dessert wine, was created at the same time the company was founded in 1988.

1991 was the year of the high quality sweet sparkling wine Bel Piasì, which thanks to the right balance between alcohol and sugar is also suitable for drinking on its own.

The Tardivo Moscato Spumante is obtained from the selection of Moscato grapes from the old vineyard.

It is considered a wine with an edge, obtained via the Martinotti-Charmat production method, resting over six months in autoclaves.

It goes well with dry pasta, but also blue and aged cheeses.

The Chiara Blanc version, produced for the first time in 2013, stems from an idea by ​​the Barbero brothers, with the intention of recalling the Natural Moscato of the past.

Worth mentioning is the Brachetto Piemonte DOC Bel Roseto, particularly appreciated by women thanks to its ruby ​​red colour and elegant flavour, and the Spumante Rosso Giò Rosé, a blend of Moscato and Brachetto.

The harmonic notes of these wines go quite well with aperitifs, desserts, fruit salads, ice cream and cakes.

Produced Wines

Langhe DOC Arneis Bianchin, Moscato d'Asti DOCG Canelli, Moscato d'Asti DOCG Bel Piano, Moscato d'Asti DOCG Bel Piasì, Moscato Spumante VSQ Tardivo, Moscato Spumante Chiara Blanc, Piemonte Brachetto Spumante DOC Bel Roseto, Spumante Dolce Giò Rosé, Driveri Extra Brut Metodo Classico, Spumante Brut Nature, Asti Extra Secco DOCG Umberto, Asti Secco DOCG Umberto, Barbaresco DOCG Bertola, Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Brusalino, Grappa di Moscato, Grappa di Moscato affinata in carati, Grappa di Brachetto, Spumante Rosé Bolle Pas Dosé

Vineyards Extension

10 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Neive, Mango

Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

Booking a visit is highly recommended as it improves reception

Upon request and weather permitting, guests can take a walk among the Moscato rows adjacent to the Winery.

Here, we introduce the territory, the company history and the work in the vineyard carried out in a traditional and eco-sustainable manner, with a limited use of products aimed at respecting both the vine and the consumer.

The tasting session is conducted by the owners

Although various types of tastings can be provided, Cascina Fonda recommends:

  • Driveri Extra Brut Metodo Classico, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, Moscato d’Asti DOCG Bel Piano → 20,00 € / person

In combination: bread, salami, Alta Langa “toma” cheese and cugnà (a grape sauce typical of the Piedmontese tradition), toasted hazelnuts from Mango, maize biscuits or hazelnut cake (based on availability).

The Winery

The design of the structure, created according to the canons of work and modernity, is well integrated into the surrounding environment.

Inside, we find the vinification rooms with autoclaves, the cold rooms containing the large tanks for storing the must at sub-zero temperatures, further systems for air conditioning the bottles and the bottling room.

The Tasting Room

The tasting room, which can accommodate at least 20 well-spaced people, is large and bright.

The panoramic view that can be admired from the large windows is certainly an added value: the view ranges from the nearby vineyards to neighbouring towns, such as Coazzolo and Castagnole Lanze, reaching as far as the Alps.

Inside, there is also a small collection of corkscrews.


max 20 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 20€


The south-east exposure allows to obtain ripe and healthy grapes, thanks to the best exposure to the sun's rays

Cascina Fonda also produces a selection of Moscato-based dry wines: the Spumante Brut Nature, Asti Extra Secco DOCG Umberto and Asti Secco DOCG Umberto and Driveri Metodo Classico Extra Brut.

The first, born in 2019, is ideal for aperitifs and dishes with fish, seafood, cold cuts and cheeses.

It is characterized by a straw-yellow colour and a floral scent with notes of fresh fruit.

The two versions of Asti Secco are delicious, aromatic products, excellent for aperitifs.

These wines are designed to satisfy the need of enthusiasts who want a drier version of Moscato.

The Driveri Metodo Classico, obtained from a 60-month fermentation period in the bottle, is made from grapes similar to the Spumante Tardivo.

It is a wine with good longevity, a bright colour and a clear and aromatic fragrance.

Its full and persistent flavour makes it go well with aperitifs, appetizers and fish dishes.


In the vineyard, a limited number of treatments, careful seasonal processing and manual selection of the best bunches allow to obtain a product with high quality standards that are representative of the territory of origin.

Prices & Services

Choose between the different types of experience and buy directly at the winery

The tastings

  • Driveri Extra Brut Metodo Classico, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo, Moscato d’Asti DOCG Bel Piano → 20,00 € / person

In combination: bread, salami, Alta Langa "toma" cheese and cugnà (a grape sauce typical of the Piedmontese tradition), toasted hazelnuts from Mango, maize biscuits or hazelnut cake (based on availability).


Prices of the wines

Dry bubbles - 75 cl

  • Driveri Extra Brut Classic Method → 18 €
  • Brut Nature sparkling wine → 10 €
  • Asti Extra Secco DOCG Umberto → 10 €
  • Asti Extra Secco DOCG Umberto → 10€
  • Spumante Rosé Bolle → 9€

Red wines - 75 cl

  • Barbaresco DOCG Bertola → 25 €
  • Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Brusalino → 9€
  • Langhe Nebbiolo → 11€

Sweet Bubbles - 75 cl

  • Moscato d'Asti DOCG Canelli → 12 €
  • Moscato d'Asti DOCG Bel Piano → 10 €
  • Moscato Spumante Chiara Blanc → 9 €
  • Moscato d'Asti DOCG Bel Piasì → 10 €
  • Late VSQ Moscato Sparkling Wine → 12 €
  • Piedmont Brachetto Spumante DOC Bel Roseto → 11 €
  • Dolce Giò Rosé sparkling wine → 9 €

Grappa with case

  • Moscato Grappa → 25 €
  • Moscato grappa aged in barrels → 25 €
  • Grappa di Brachetto → 25 €


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Cascina Fonda

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