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How do you make cheese?

Among food products, cheese is one of the richest in biodiversity. It’s often associated with wine, as they’re both an expression of the local territory and culture. There’s endless variety, different by origin, texture, aging or cooking time. Talking about cheese production today is like trying to define the work of a wine producer: every […]

Winter in Langhe: the history of food in peasant resilience

It’s difficult today to understand the concept of seasonal food. Obstacles to year-round availability have been overcome, and food supply is no longer linked to the cycle of sun and moon. Freezing and preservation methods have replaced the ancient tricks in an efficient and unnatural way, but in the Langhe the knowledge survives and is […]

Cheese tasting: a short guide for beginners

An important thing to know before you start reading is that a cheese tasting is not only for professionals. In fact, really focusing on the characteristics of a particular food is a personal experience through which we determine whether the flavors we are discovering are appreciated or not: nobody can tell us what to like. […]