A nice town built on the confluence of the Tanaro and the Stura rivers, it has an active rural economy and commercial relevance. Here are craftmen’s shops selling wooden objects and offering restorings and antiquities.

Many medieval findings are to be seen here: the tower, the churches of saint Gregory and saint Peter, the Brizio palace (1400). The royal family decorated the palace with many baroque masterpieces. Ther Salmatoris palace is a typical example.

Here today live many important people and artists; it’s the best place for escargots in Piedmont.


Cherasco was founded in 1243 as a defensive fortress of the town of Alba. Its walls, of which there are several traces, were knocked down and rebuilt many times in history.

In 1631 it was the place where a peace treaty, celled “pace di Cherasco”, was signed between France, Austria, Spain, Monferrato and Mantova.

It was a loyal town in the Savoia reign: in 1706, during the siege of Turin, the whole court and magistrates found shelter there.

On April 25th, 1796 the French general Massena occupied Cherasco: on the 27th Napoleon I dictated the terms of the armistice with the Piedmontese.

Events in Cherasco and around

15 Sep 25 Dec

Una mostra dell'artista albese presso il suo atelier, per scoprire il suo lavoro e le sue opere

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Palazzo Salmatoris

Palazzo Salmatoris, Via Vittorio Emanuele, Cherasco, CN, Italia
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Pian Castello di Neive

Piazza Italia, 19, 12052 Borgonovo CN, Italia
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Santa Maria Old Parish

Via Umberto, 12050, Montelupo Albese, CN, Italia
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Quiri Loop

Sinio, CN, Italia
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The Barbaresco tower

Torre di Barbaresco, Barbaresco, CN, Italia
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