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Roberto Abellonio

Wine Producer in Alba

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During the week: by reservation only
Saturday: 11.00 / 16.00
Sunday: 11.00

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Roberto Abellonio’s cellar is the demonstration that pursuing one’s passion and believing in it all the way allows you to achieve even the most ambitious goals.

The nineteenth-century Cascina Piccaluga, inherited from Roberto’s family, stands above one of the most beautiful territories in the world, facing the towers of Alba and to the incomparable panorama of the hills of Treiso and Barbaresco.

When 20 years ago the producer took over the old family vineyards and decided to get involved and produce wines, in a land already saturated with large cellars, he did so with the certainty of taking an insidious road.

Yet in a short time, with the help of his wife Jessica and his cousin Alessandro, Roberto comes out with the first labels that from the beginning attract the attention of the local market.

Roberto states that he’s first of all a passionate consumer of the great wines of Langhe.

Both involved in confagricoltura, wife and husband manage to create important synergies with the other territorial realities such as a collaboration with the Segway tours, which involves them more in the tourism of the Langhe.

Roberto states that he’s firstly a passionate consumer of the great wines of Langhe. He therefore works hard to vinify a product that he himself likes to drink.

The contribution of the young Alessandro brings the most advanced and modern winemaking techniques to the cellar, which combined with uncompromising respect for the territory give life to elegant, fragrant and sincere wines.

The Wines

The precious composition of the soil and the microclimate of these hills, combined with technique and experience, are entirely enclosed in the Abellonio bottles.

The different percentages of combination between clays, calcareous marls, blue marls, sands and sulphiferous chalks in the subsoil layers offer wines of excellent structure, finesse, elegance and persistence.

Inaugurating the experimentation in the cellar, the winemaker Alessandro has introduced innovative techniques, keeping an eye on tradition and great attention to detail.

The reds

The reds highlight the characteristics that derive from the soil, the climate and the territory, which merge into full-bodied, complex wines, suitable for aging.

The whites

In the vinification of white wines, maximum attention is paid to the preservation of the aromas and to enhance the typicality of the vines.


Produced Wines

Nebbiolo d’Alba
Langhe Nebbiolo
Barbera d’Alba
Barbera d’Alba superiore
Dolcetto d’Alba
Barbaresco Casot
Langhe Arneis
Langhe Favorita
Vino Bianco Draii
Moscato d’Asti

Vineyards Extension

10 Ha

N° of Bottles

Vineyards Location

Alba, Treiso, Barbaresco e Santo Stefano Belbo

Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

As soon as you get out of the car, you are overwhelmed by the panorama, which with almost 360 ° of vineyards leaves you speechless, in every season.

Each period of the year is characterized by different works, and consequently by a slightly different tour.

However, the path followed is the classic one, with an introductory walk among the rows when the weather allows it and with the subsequent tour of the winemaking and aging rooms.

During the journey, two fundamental principles of the cellar will appear evident: sustainability and hygiene.

The first, visible in the vineyard, is further guaranteed by the SQNPI certification, while the second is undeniable while walking in the cellar: all the staff is committed to minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination, which can result in unwanted smells and tastes.

At the end of the tour you can decide whether to proceed with the tasting in the barrel cellar (reserved for small groups) or whether to move to the tasting room or in the panoramic courtyard during the summer.

The winery offers two types of tasting:

  • Langa Essence: a tasting of 5 wines chosen from the labels produced, with the pairing of local products and cold dishes → € 20 per person
  • Segway trip: in collaboration with an agency in Alba it is possible to reach the winery in Segway starting from Alba, and conclude with the tasting of 3 wines with appetizers → € 85 per person


max 25 people

Visit Duration

1 h 30 min



Tasting Price

Starting at 20€

The three passions of Roberto

Roberto's constant search for freedom translates into three elements: mountains, motorcycles and the production of wines with a strong character.

The producer has always been aware of his willpower and the motivation that comes into play when he tries to pursue his passions: the mountain, the motorcycle and the production of wine.

The three elements are united by a meeting point, which helps to understand the character of this winery: the search for freedom.

Freedom that Roberto achieves with ski mountaineering, direct contact with the truest nature, with pure and uncontaminated shades.

The same freedom he feels on his motorcycle, while he runs on the hilly roads of his beloved Langhe.

And finally, freedom that is transmitted to him by the vine, an element in which he manages to express himself.

This is his concept of freedom: following the plant, taking care of it, seeing it grow, reaping its fruits and transforming it into a loved and appreciated final product.

SQNPI certification

Environmental sustainability has always been a priority for the winery.

A further step was taken in 2018 with the choice to join the SQNPI, which testifies to the increased attention over the years.

The abbreviation stands for "National Quality System of Integrated Pest management" and it is a certification scheme, recognized at Community level, which aims to enhance the agricultural production of vegetables obtained in compliance with the regional integrated pest management regulations.

Prices & Services

Types of visit

Langa Essence

A tasting of 5 wines chosen from the labels produced, including pairing with local products and cold dishes.

5 wines + snacks → € 20 (discount for groups of over 10 people)

Segway Tour

In collaboration with an agency in Alba it is possible to reach the winery by Segway starting from Alba. The price is the total of the rental and the guided tour.

3 wines + appetizers → € 85


Pets Allowed Terrace WiFi Parking Lot Garden

Accepted Payments

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Roberto Abellonio

Località Altavilla 76 Strada Argantino, 12051 Alba (CN)
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