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The beauty of Roero lies in the variety of its land, which at times lends itself to producing wines with a unique character, and at times it is indomitable and wild.

Riccardo Vigna fully grasps this potential: inheriting the passion for viticulture from his father, he founds a reality that bases everything on understanding the diversity and richness of this ecosystem.

In addition to a certified organic wine production since 2000, which focuses on the typical varieties of these lands, Riccardo offers visitors a complete taste of the territory that surrounds him, organizing itineraries that include a visit to the vineyard and tasting, but also walks through woods and centuries-old chestnut groves, to discover the Rocche of Roero, passing through its apiary, emblem of biodiversity.

Booking a visit to Riccardo means to all intents and purposes being involved in a “tasting of Roero“, in all its facets.

The Wines

Over fifty years old vines on hills with ideal exposure, four representative labels of the territory

Riccardo inherits the winery from his father, who founded it about 30 years ago to follow his passion.

Over the years the company grows, deliberately remaining small and family-run, to preserve direct contact with all the production steps.

The vines of the 5 hectares of vineyard are small jewels of the past: vineyards over 50 years old, positioned on the most ideal slopes; sunny hills, with steep slopes where it is possible to work only manually with great expenditure of time and effort, but being rewarded by the highest quality.

San Bartolomeo vineyard

The vineyard that best represents the company and gives the most satisfaction is certainly the Bricco San Bartolomeo, also renowned for its ancient history and a stop on the Chestnut Path, by the Ecomuseum of the Rocche.

The area takes its name from the votive pillar dedicated to San Bartolomeo, which from the top of the hill overlooks all the surrounding hills.

A little further down, at the foot of the pylon, one of the ciabots restored by Riccardo watches over the vineyard.

Heroic viticulture

The winery is registered with the CERVIM organization, Center for Research, Studies, Safeguarding, Coordination and Enhancement for Mountain Viticulture.

It is an international organization created for the promotion and safeguarding of heroic viticulture, that is, it involves work on a steep slope or at a high altitude.

Produced Wines

Roero Arneis DOCG
Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC
Roero DOCG "Bric Bossola"
Barbera d'Alba DOC

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5 Ha

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In addition to wines, the company produces honey, also following the organic beekeeping regulations for this activity.

The hives are located throughout the entire year in the Montà area; there are three honeys produced in this area: acacia honey, chestnut honey and forest honeydew.

Towards mid-June, the hives are moved to the Piedmontese Alpine valleys: in Val Varaita (Chianale), in Val Maira (Viviére-Acceglio) and in Val Chisone (Pragelato).

In these uncontaminated places Riccardo Vigna manages to obtain a wildflower honey with truly unique characteristics.

Montà is one of the municipalities that can boast an ancient honey culture: this is why it is one of the most important countries for the breeding of bees.

Montà fair

Every year in September the Montà fair is celebrated, which is precisely dedicated to honey, to recognize the close link between the town and this product.

Visits & Tastings

A walk to discover all the beauties of Roero, among vineyards, woods and chestnut groves

As already mentioned, the visit offered by the winery is different from the usual guided tour of the production areas.

Starting from the center of the town of Montà, where the winery is located, we start with the tasting of the production wines; you can then choose between different marked and unmarked routes, of different durations.

The vineyard, a 15-minute walk from the company, is usually the initial stage, followed by a walk during which Riccardo will show the rocche – the geological phenomenon of erosion that characterizes the central portion of the Roero – the woods and a centuries-old chestnut grove.

With more time available, there is the possibility of following a circular route, passing through the biotope, a humid area of ​​significant ecological importance, a fundamental point of reference and resting place for migratory birds.

The ciabots

These small masonry buildings have always dotted the Roero hills: born with the aim of protecting the workers from rain while working in the fields, or to store tools, the ciabots are today a fascinating attraction for tourists.

Riccardo Vigna inherits three, each of which near his vineyards, and participates several years in a row in a competition organized by the Enoteca del Roero that recognizes the best renovations.

In two editions, two of his ciabots were awarded.


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Riccardo Vigna

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