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Anna Maria Abbona’s is a cellar in which the fulcrum of everything is love, in all its forms: the love that unites her and her husband Franco, a life and work partner; love for their two children, now assistants in the company; love for the land, which made it possible to achieve their goals.

Hidden on the top of the Moncucco hills, at a height of over 500 meters above sea level and surrounded by woods, the Abbona family produce a vast selection of quality labels without being compromised by market trends; here the white soil, composed of tuff and limestone, is particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines.

The vineyard commands and marks the rhythms, while the family tries to support it and guide it on its path without altering its personality: this is how unique wines are born, which for decades have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation internationally.

The most cultivated vine is Dolcetto, but the production is vast and also made up of foreign grapes such as Riesling Renano and Pinot Noir.

Events at Anna Maria Abbona

10 Nov 30 Jan

Una rassegna di opere scelte tra il suo repertorio maggiore, a partire dal 1945 per arrivare fino al 1993. Visitabile fino al 30 gennaio 2022

20 Jan 02 Feb

Prima lezione del laboratorio di Danza Movimento Terapia tenuto da Chiara Puliga, psicologa DanzaMovimentoTerapeuta, operatrice di Thai Massage e tecniche di rilassamento

A story that
begins in 1936

in Farigliano

Departures, returns, challenges and one big goal: to produce wines of the highest quality

The relationship between the vineyards and the Abbona family begins with Giuseppe, Anna Maria's great-grandfather, who at the dawn of the twentieth century cultivated as a sharecropper and dreamed of a land of his own.

However, after his father's premature death it was Angelo, his son, who made his wish come true: in 1936 he started the business by planting a vineyard called Maioli.

In the following years, what was once a small family property was expanded to become the base for a large production.

He was followed by Anna Maria's father, Giuseppe: it was the years of the great industrialization, which saw the majority of people move to the city; not Giuseppe: he decided to stay and take care of his beloved vineyards.

In the following years, due to the difficult economy, Anna Maria's parents were forced to give up winemaking, selling the grapes to the nearest wine cooperative; the very young Anna Maria, already married to Franco, lived elsewhere and was involved in graphic design.

It was in 1989 that the change of direction took place: the father, now alone in the work in the vineyard, announced that he wanted to uproot some vineyards, causing a strong reaction in both his daughter and her husband.

The two decided to return to the land, with the aim of producing quality wines, learning the craft of the vineyard from Anna Maria's parents and creating a solid basis for starting a family.

The Wines

The winery declares its love for the territory through the fragmentation of the vineyards: each has its own personality

Of the 20 hectares of property, most of it is cultivated in Dolcetto and located on the hills of Moncucco, in the municipality of Farigliano.

However, there are many grape varieties grown: Barbera, Nebbiolo, Nascetta, Riesling, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, partly native and partly foreign.

The well-being of the land plays a central role in the company’s production: the vines are cared for personally, opting for targeted fertilizations with organic fertilizers.

In general, the tendency is to eliminate the use of chemistry as much as possible: the winery is located in an isolated position, on a particularly high hill, surrounded by woods and sparsely inhabited, where respect for the soil has always been a particularly felt value.

The harvest is done exclusively by hand, in small airy crates. The harvested grapes are pressed within a few hours to preserve all the freshness and integrity of the fruit.

The vinifications are traditional, in steel tanks, at a controlled temperature.

Produced Wines

Brut “Netta”
Langhe Nascetta DOC “Netta”
Langhe Riesling DOC “L’Alman”
Vino Rosato “Rosà”
Langhe Dolcetto DOC
Dogliani DOCG “Sorì dij But”
Dogliani Superiore DOCG “Maioli”
Dogliani Superiore DOCG “San Bernardo”
Barbera d’Alba DOC
Langhe Nebbiolo DOC
Langhe Rosso DOC “Cadò”
Vino Rosso “Scavis”
Barolo DOCG Castiglione Falletto
Barolo DOCG “Bricco San Pietro”

Vineyards Extension

20 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Farigliano, Marsaglia e Monforte d’Alba

Agricultural Method


Visits & Tastings

To welcome you to the cellar you will find Lucrezia or a member of the family, who will accompany you with passion through the knowledge of the wines

The tour of the cellars is only possible upon reservation to ensure the best possible welcome.

The moment of tasting is central to the visit: you can choose between three types of tasting, different for the number of wines and the focus of interest.

“Essential” tasting → € 10.00 per person

Guided tasting of 3 wines: Langhe Nascetta DOC, Dogliani DOCG, Barbera D’Alba DOC

Tasting “For Curious” → € 15.00 per person

Guided tasting of 5 wines of your choice, including a Barolo

Tasting “For Those Who Want To Learn More” → € 30.00 per person

Guided tasting of 10 wines of your choice, including two glasses of Barolo

Extra upon reservation

  • platter with cold cuts, cheeses and breadsticks → € 7.00 / person
  • light lunch → € 12.00 / person


max 15 people

Visit Duration




Tasting Price

Starting at 10€

San Bernardo

An important place of partisan memory, to which the Dogliani Superiore "San Bernardo" is dedicated today

San Bernardo is the saint to whom the chapel that stands on top of the hill just in front of the cellar is dedicated.

Under the chapel an old vineyard of over one hectare looks at the company and the generations that pass by, who take care of it. This is the “San Bernardo” vineyard, planted in the winter of 1943/1944 and linked to an important history.

The partisan memory

On September 8, 1943, the “disbandment” occurred, that is the escape of King Vittorio Emanuele III and the dissolution of the armed forces after the armistice proclaimed by Badoglio.

Many soldiers fled to avoid being captured and interned by the Nazis and looked for a place to hide.

Two of these, in their early twenties and coming from southern Italy, arrived at the Botti hamlet, where they were welcomed by the inhabitants and hidden in the cellar under the chapel.

The boys wanted to pay off their work, so at dusk and on moonlit nights they began to work the land of the villagers’ peasants.

The old owner of the land under the chapel, called “Pinin”, decided it was time to plant a vineyard: in the autumn they began to turn the land.

The boys worked for a long time, continuing to help the peasants of the village until the spring of 1945. In those years the partisan resistance was formed, but inevitably the roundups organized by the Nazis arrived to capture the “rebels” who were hiding in the hills, making guerrilla.

The peasants warned the two young men to flee to the east, as a group of Germans were climbing the hill from the west. Unfortunately, their escape did not last long: on reaching the other hill they encountered a Nazi patrol, which shot them on the spot, along with 4 other partisans captured shortly before.

The tombstone

In this place there is a plaque to remember the young partisans… Anna Maria Abbona's cellar, however, has their memory before her eyes every day, looking at the beautiful vineyard of San Bernardo.

Prices & Services

Visit a unique winery, which makes of quality and love for the land its strong points

Types of tastings

"Essential" tasting → € 10.00 per person

Guided tasting of 3 wines: Langhe Nascetta DOC, Dogliani DOCG, Barbera D’Alba DOC

Tasting "For Curious" → € 15.00 per person

Guided tasting of 5 wines of your choice, including a Barolo

Tasting "For Those Who Want To Learn More" → € 30.00 per person

Guided tasting of 10 wines of your choice, including two glasses of Barolo

Extra upon reservation

  • platter with cold cuts, cheeses and breadsticks → € 7.00 / person
  • light lunch → € 12.00 / person


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Anna Maria Abbona

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